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Sandstone Slate & Granite Water Features

Sandstone, Slate & Granite Water Features

Here at Primrose we have a wide selection of stone water features and fountains. Choose from beautiful stone fountains, real slate and granite features and even rock effect polyresin. Whatever material you choose, it'll stand up to whatever British weather can throw at it, though you might want to keep it covered when icy weather rolls around to keep it looking its best.

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Sandstone, Slate & Granite Water Feature FAQs

  • How much water does a water feature need?

    Our sandstone, slate, and granite water features may come with a pump to ensure a steady and regular flow of water or diffuser sponges to evenly distribute water across the design. There isn’t a general rule for how much water your feature will need as this will depend on its size. 

    However, you don't need to worry about refilling it every few days as decorative water features and fountains recycle the water they use – you’d maybe have to refresh or top up the water every now and then.

  • Should I leave my water fountain on all the time?

    All garden water features and fountains are designed to work day and night, so it's perfectly fine for you to leave it on all the time. Turning it off and on, and leaving it off for long periods of time, will put a strain on the pump. Just make sure the pump is completely submerged in the water so that it doesn’t become damaged.

  • How do you clean a stone fountain?

    Keep your sandstone, slate, and granite water features looking elegant with regular cleans when you notice algae build-up or dirt. While they are durable, good care and upkeep will keep them lasting longer.

    Turn your stone water feature off and drain the water, remove the pump, and use a sponge and warm soapy water to gently scrub your fountain. Clean the pump separately with a small brush, cleaning inside by running fresh water through it to remove debris and dirt build-up.

    Be sure to use soap for outdoor fountains and whichever stone it is made of to avoid damaging it. Make sure you dry it with a clean towel before refilling it with fresh water. Browse our water feature cleaning and care products as well as water feature accessories.

  • Do all water features need electricity?

    Unless your stone water feature is a solar water feature, it needs electricity and should be plugged into the mains. A lot of our water features and fountains are easy to install and self-contained, so they don't need an additional reservoir.

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