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Tubes and Tower Water Features

Tubes and Tower Water Features

Tubes and tower water features that feature columns and bubbles where several are entirely self-contained. Standalone and striking, these water features are great for watery minimalism or, in the case of the bamboo-effect ones, evoking East-Asian aesthetics.

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terracotta jug water featureterracotta jug water feature

Best Sounding Water Features

When it comes to water features, the best sound is what you want. Do you want something loud and unmissable, or calm and understated? Find out the best option for your in our list of 'Best Sounding Water Features'.

stainless steel sphere water featurestainless steel sphere water feature

How do Water Features Work?

Water features make a decorative statement in any outdoor space. From solar powered to mains powered, find out all you need to know about how water features work in our helpful guide.

Tubes and Towers FAQs

  • Should my water feature be in the sun or shade?

    Having your water feature directly exposed to sunlight for long periods of time will increase the buildup of sediment and algae. For best performance, ensure your water feature's location is situated in a shaded area with access to daily sunlight. 
    Want to keep the algae at bay? Keep your water feature in pristine condition by reading our blog post on How to Stop Algae in Water Features and Stop It from Going Green.
  • How do I keep insects and mosquitos out of my fountains?  

    Ensure the water in your fountain is constantly flowing to avoid any buildup of sediment and algae. Having fish also helps prevent a swarm of mosquitos such as koi, guppies and minnows. Birds are also a fantastic solution to a mosquito problem. Having a bird house or a bird bath nearby could prove beneficial. For more tips, read on in our blog post How to Stop Insects in Water Features
  • Can I leave my water feature on all the time?

    Generally speaking, you can leave your water feature running all the time except when cleaning and storing it away for the winter. There are no major drawbacks to leaving your water feature running all the time except for the cost of electricity. However, leaving it running constantly ensures the pump is operating efficiently, thus extending the lifespan of your fountain. For more information, see How Much Does it Cost to Run a Water Feature.
  • Where can I find an installation guide?

    To learn more about how and where your water feature should be installed, see our Water Feature Installation guide.