Water Lilies

The water lily grows in the deeper part of the pond and is undoubtedly queen of ponds and water gardens. Its lovely flowers refine the look of the pond whilst its floating leaves create a good shelter for fish and other aquatic life. They are also valuable plants for reducing algae growth. Water lilies are very low maintenance plants. They are self-seedling plants which can be also be propagated by rhizome division.

Water lilies prefer still, calm water and are best kept away from pumps, which can affect growth. It is importantly to submerge them gradually as so the pads can reach the surface within a few days.

They can be divided into three groups each with different planting depths and spread. Starting off, you have dwarf water lilies with a spread of 30-60cm and planting depth of 15-40 cm; then, you have small and medium varieties with a spread of 60cm-1.5m and planting depth of 30-90cm; lastly, you have the large varieties, suitable for lakes, with a spread of 1.5-2.4m and a planting depth of 50-150cm.

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