Stainless Steel Arc Water Feature
Stainless Steel Arc Water Feature
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30cm Victoria Falls Stainless Steel Waterfall Blade Cascade (Sheer descent) by Ambienté
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Water wall - Rippled wall (120cm x 45cm)

Code: WF0272
Water wall - Rippled wall (120cm x 45cm)
Lights Type:
Height:20 cm   ( 7.9 in )
Width:60 cm   ( 1 ft 11 in )
Metal:Stainless Steel    
Water wall - Rippled wall (120cm x 45cm):
Water cascades gently down both sides of this graceful water wall with mesmerising effect. Made from polished stainless steel, it is supplied complete with 1500 litre / hour pump and can be installed in a pond or pebble pool. The piping is hidden in the middle of the feature (the walls are approximately 6cm thick); it comes out of the back (at the base) for connection to the pump. The feature is hardwearing and come with a 12 month guarantee; clean with a stainless steel cleaner. H 120cm(3ft 11") W 45cm(1ft 6").

Do you need a pebble pool?

The price includes the feature and pump only. Unless you are putting the feature in a pond you will probably need a pebble pool.

We can supply either a brushed stainless steel bowl designed to sit above ground or a 100% recycled plastic FiniaTM reservoir designed to go into the ground. Our water feature will stand alone in the stainless steel bowl on concrete blocks provided. It will also stand alone in the plastic reservoir, however we recommend you purchase our optional adaptor kit for bolting the feature in place and for levelling.

Stainless steel bowl H 20cm(8") W 60cm(2ft) D 60cm(2ft);

FiniaTM 1000 reservoir Dia 98cm(3ft 3") D 30cm(1ft).

FiniaTM 1000 (Click here to purchase)
Adaptor kit (Click here to purchase)

Stainless steel bowl (Click here to purchase)


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