3 Weatherproof Metal Cat Scarers

Code: DF2442
3 Weatherproof Metal Cat Scarers

Deter unwanted visitors from your garden with these metal cat scarers - their piercing marble eyes will help to harmlessly frighten off cats and rodents.

  • Will help to deter cats and rodents from entering your garden
  • Metal construction is durable and weatherproof - can be left in your garden all day long
  • Ground stakes and hanging hooks supplied - you can choose the most effective position for your garden
  • Pleasing cat design will also complement the garden
  • Sitting cat: Height 31cm (12.2") x Width 18cm (7.1")
  • Scared cat: Height 21cm (8.3") x Width 30cm (11.8")
  • Stalking cat: Height 17cm (6.7") x Width 36cm (14.2")

These metal cat scarers, although pleasant to look at for you and your guests, will help to scare away unwanted visitors from your garden. Their piercing marble eyes will help to harmlessly scare away cats and rodents from your outdoor space. This set includes 3 cats and comes complete with grounding stakes and hanging hooks, so that you can position these three cats in the most effective locations throughout your garden. they can be placed protectively around your flowerbeds, or mounted to trees or fence stakes. They are weatherproof, meaning that they can help to guard your outdoor space from intruders whatever the weather.

Still having trouble with cats in your garden? Our Advanced Cat Scarer from PestBye™ deters cats from your garden by emitting a high frequency noise that humans cannot hear but is annoying and frightening to cats. This fantastic product comes with an effectiveness guarantee if you're not completely satisfied.
Customer Reviews
Rating: 4/5

"Good for the price, using them in conjunction with sonic cat repellents, sorted the cat problem in my garden. they also look pretty good."

Reviewed Monday, 10 September 2018

Rating: 5/5

"Appears to have done the trick. Not had a cat in the garden since putting them up"

Reviewed Sunday, 15 October 2017

Rating: 4/5

"nice ornaments but didn't scare the cats."

Reviewed Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Rating: 5/5

"Keeping the cats at bay!!"

Reviewed Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Rating: 4/5


Reviewed Monday, 27 February 2017

Rating: 5/5


Reviewed Saturday, 18 June 2016

Rating: 4/5

"Doing the job thus far"

Reviewed Saturday, 21 May 2016

Rating: 4/5

"Product was well packaged to early to see any significant changes in dettering the cats"

Reviewed Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Rating: 4/5


Reviewed Sunday, 10 April 2016

Rating: 4/5

"not scaring the cats so far"

Reviewed Thursday, 25 February 2016

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