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Whole House Rat & Mouse Repeller

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Whole House Rat & Mouse Repeller

Mouse repeller: guaranteed to clear your whole house of rats or mice - or your money back.

We guarantee it will work - or your money back.

  • Combines two pest control systems: Electro-Magnetic Interference and Ultrasonic noise
  • Guarantee covers houses up to 2000sq ft (4 bed house) 1 per circuit.
  • Can be plugged into any room, loft or basement.
  • Less than 1.5p per day to run.
  • Can also be effective against some crawling insects

What's so good about this device? Rats and mice occupying your house spend most of their time living in the walls, ceilings and floors, making them difficult to remove using conventional means. The "Rat and Mice control - Whole House" is the modern, technological method that is safe and simple-to-use.

Simply plug into any ordinary household socket, and turn on.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not satisfied with the performance of this product, return it to us within 60 days and provided you've had it running for at least a month, we'll refund the cost of the item (less carriage).

Any questions about the best way to use this product, speak to our experts on 0118 903 5210

How well does it work? For every 1000 sold, we've had less than 1% returned as ineffective. These results are corroborated by independent figures provided by the manufacturer of the product.

How quickly does it work? Most problems will disappear within a few days. However, if the rodents have already built a nest in your house, they are unlikely to desert their young until they are old enough to move. Fortunately, rodents mature quickly and the babies will be fully grown within a month. If you suspect that there is a nest in your house you can speed up the removal process with traps, but remember that traps alone do not provide a long-term solution to your problem.

Humane traps and killers - use with the 'Whole House' device

  • Electronic mouse killer - makes a clean kill and allows easy disposal of the body.
  • Humane traps - live traps - no need to kill the rodent.
  • Electronic rat killer - makes a quick, clean kill of rats and allows easy disposal without having to touch the body.
  • Rat cage Trap - Humanely traps rats with minimum of fuss.

How does it work? Rats and mice occupying your house spend most of their time living in the walls, ceilings and floors, making them difficult to remove using conventional means. The "Rat and Mice control - Whole House" aims to overcome this problem by sending a varying electrical pulse throughout the wiring of the whole house. Whenever electricity passes through a wire, an electromagnetic field is created: the manufacturers believe that the particular fields created by this device create an environment that prevents rodents nesting and so drives them out of your house.

Where do I plug it in? Pretty much any socket in the house. The device uses two systems: Electromagnetic and Ultrasound.
The ultrasound creates a loud noise at a high frequency that only rodents can hear: imagine that for a mouse, it's like having a smoke alarm going off constantly. Because ultrasound doesn't pass well through solid objects (that's why doctors can use ultrasound to get images of babies in the womb) this will be most effective in the room you plug it into to. Consequently, if you plug the device into the room where you've seen most activity, you're maximising the effect of both control methods.

Look, I'm really worried about these rodents - how can I make sure I get them out really quickly? If money's no object then there's no doubt that the more you throw at the problem, the better. Combine 2 or more devices with traps and single room-by-room ultrasonic devices.

Is it really safe? Will not affect any electrical equipment like computers or burglar alarms.

What about my pets? Will not affect cats, dogs, birds, reptiles or amphibians or children.
The device may affect rodent pets such as gerbils, hamsters or chinchillas. If you do have such a pet, it's advisable to rehouse them while the device is switched on - either outside/in a shed (at least 2m away from any wiring connected to the house) or with a friend or neighbour.

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Why X?

Why not just use traps or poison? Traditional methods leave a lot to be desired. Poison is a danger to children, pets and wildlife. The rodents die in your walls and ceilings leaving a bad smell and a dangerous hygiene problem.

However, by far the biggest weakness of traps and poisons is that they very rarely provide a long term solution to your problem: as soon as you've killed a mouse or rat, you've created a vacancy for another one to move into your house. Because they breed so fast, it's very difficult to achieve a permanent solution using the expensive methods offered by your local council or pest controller: if you've had rats or mice once, the chances are that more of the beasts will frequently be sniffing around your property looking for a nice place to live. Fortunately, modern electronic methods can now provide a simple, safe solution that make it much less likely that they will stay. Although the device won't stop them taking an occasional look round, they will soon realise that your house isn't an attractive place to make a home. Keep the 'Whole House' device plugged in permanently, and you're taking an important step to providing a safe home for your family.

Power Source Mains
Location Indoor
Type Ultrasonic
Pest Mouse, Rat
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