Easy ON/OFF Technology
Why Warmawear?

We invented Warmawear in 2008 when we noticed that the cost of decent heated gloves for motorcyclists was getting pretty silly. We just couldn't believe that we weren't able to find something toasty for our fingertips for under two hundred quid. Our team (headed by Matt and Justin) got on it immediately, and with some good ideas, a drawing board and a few weeks of hard work, the first working prototype was being tested. Our heated gloves were a new, improved and impressive evolution of what had previously been seen on the market, and we found that they sold like hot cakes.


In developing Warmawear we addressed several key issues which had plagued us heated clothing appreciators for years. New technology allowed us to swap the chunky batteries, which are so often present on the wrists of heated gloves, for some sleek double A's, making them much easier to wear. We've also created an on/off switch, which is accessible without having to remove your gloves, so that you can preserve your battery life without cooling off your fingers in the process.

Warmawear - Combating the symptoms of Raynaud's Disease

At Warmawear, we're proud to be indefatigable innovators, constantly on the lookout for new ideas and relentlessly striving to better our products. We're still perfecting our models, coming up with nifty ideas and handy features that make our heated clobber better than anyone else's - like our heated gloves with Tecsense fingers, which allow you to use your touchscreen phone without removing your glove.

Since our first successful batch of new, improved and highly affordable heated gloves, we've expanded Warmawear's range to cover a great assortment of heated garb. We were the first to introduce heated insoles to the UK market, and my gosh, do you lot love them! With everything from gilets to scarves and hand warmers or gloves, you can experience warmth all over with our extensive collection.


As the weather gets colder and the climate less predictable, the market for heated clothing is developing fast, and we at Warmawear aim to be at the forefront of development. Warmawear is an ideal choice for those suffering from Raynaud's Disease, who need a little extra help fending away the chill, or just for those who love the outdoors whatever the weather.

The Coldest Journey
Warmawear, the offical sponsor of "The Coldest Journey" with Sir Ranulph and team.

We were honoured last year to have been selected to sponsor Sir Ranulph Fiennes and his team as they set out on their mission to cross the Antarctic in winter, a treacherous journey never before attempted. The intrepid adventurers have been subjected to temperatures dropping close to -90°c, as well as freezing winds, frostbite, and all this in near permanent darkness (they must be an upbeat bunch). We hope we've served Sir Ranulph and his brave team well with our finest gear from Warmawear.

We also worked with Squash Falconer while she planned her route up Everest in order to be the first woman to singlehandedly paraglide from its summit.

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