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Wildlife Care

Wildlife Care

Caring for your local wildlife is a great way to support the ecosystem. Put down a hedgehog house, feed the birds or even dig a creature-friendly pond! However you like to welcome visitors to your garden, you'll find what you need (and tips on what to do with it) here.

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Wildlife Care FAQs

  • What is included in a hedgehog care kit?

    The two main things you’ll require to make hedgehogs comfortable in your garden is a hedgehog habitat and specially designed hedgehog food which will entice them to use the habitat. 

    Our kit includes both, plus an informative booklet to teach you all about hedgehog care and why it’s important to help hedgehogs stay safe in your garden.

  • Are hedgehogs easy to care for?

    Hedgehogs are fairly simple to care for in the garden – the key thing they’ll need is a proper habitat that’s safe and spacious enough for hedgehog families including hoglets. 

    Food will help entice the hedgehogs to enter the habitat, and will stop them from wandering around looking for food in dangerous spots where they’ll be exposed to predators.

  • What to do if you find a hedgehog in your garden

    If hedgehogs are wandering your garden at night and appear healthy, the best thing you can do is leave them well alone! The hedgehog has likely deemed your garden a safe area to rest or forage for food, so leave them to it. 

    If you spot a hedgehog in your garden during the day, there may be something wrong – use gloves to pick them up and put them in a cardboard box to take to a wildlife rescue centre who can help further. Discover morewildlife care tips and items here at Primrose.

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