Natural Willow and Hazel Hurdles

The Hazel Hurdles give the garden a rustic feel and my plants look great as the hazel hurdles still allow light in

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Traditional Hazel and Willow Hurdle Fencing

Hazel and Willow hurdles are perhaps the oldest form of fencing in Britain, dating back as far as Neolithic times 5000 years ago. Robust, beautiful and eco-friendly, they are not only ideal for the traditional English Country Garden, but also provide gardeners in the 21st Century with the opportunity to create a unique, natural look for modern urban spaces.

What is the difference between willow and hazel?

The main difference is the size of branches or 'wands' used. Willow hurdles are woven from younger and therefore thinner branches – the horizontals are up to 1 cm in diameter. Hazel horizontals are larger, appearing more like 'branches' of a tree, generally from 1 to 2cm thick giving a more sturdy and less delicate feel to your fencing.

Sizes: All hurdles are 6ft wide (1.83cm), with up to 5 heights: 3ft, 4ft, 4ft 6, 5ft and 6ft.

They can be cut easily to reduce the height by cutting the verticals and removing unrequired horizontals. Width can be reduced by carefully cutting to ensure that the horizontals don't become unwoven. Alternatively, overlap adjacent hurdles to reduce width.

Please note: This is a natural product and there will be variations from hurdle to hurdle and cane to cane. We cannot guarantee each roll or cane are identical as colour, width and length will vary.

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Displaying products from 1 to 30 of 68 View All