Willow Hurdle Fencing

Our standard willow hurdles are made from individually handwoven wooden rods to create a screen strong enough to stand on its own. The gaps between the rods allow enough air to pass through to save the fence toppling over in high winds. Since the willow is coppiced, the willow wands are flexible for weaving and the process is sustainable.

Bunch Weave Willow Hurdles

For a more rugged aesthetic, we also stock willow fences where the rods are woven in bunches of five or six strands rather than individually. They make a sturdy hurdle that you can expect to last for years to come.

Willow Panels

A simple way to disguise existing walls and fences is to use screening panels, which are great for smartening up untidy areas. They are a convenient alternative to traditional hurdles to bring a touch of the countryside to your garden.

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Displaying products from 1 to 23 of 23 View All