Enrich your garden with a wind spinners

What are wind spinners?

Wind spinners are a fascinating movement game made of metal that are driven by the wind. The large selection offers something suitable for almost every garden.


Gardeners and designers all over the world use the wind in their landscaping. Mostly wind chimes are used. The wide range of styles and colors makes them suitable for any type of garden.


It is not exactly clear how long the so-called “whirligigs”, derived from the Middle English words “to whirl” (to turn) and “gigg” (tip), have been around.

In America they experienced a real boom in the 1930s, as they secured the livelihoods of farmers and artisans during the Great Depression. Made from scrap, they could be sold for a dollar. These simple wind spinners paved the way for more complex models.

With the invention of more efficient methods of making steel - especially lightweight, stainless or powder-coated steel - the manufacture of more complex wind spinners has been made much easier.


Probably the most famous kinetic sculptor is Anthony Howe. He creates both giant and miniature ornaments that move in the wind. They are known all over the world for their precisely coordinated movements and their innovative design.

One of Howe's works was shown at the opening ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, in which one of his sculptures played a prominent role as an Olympic cauldron. During the Olympics, it wasn't the wind that drove the slowly rotating sculpture, but the heat.


Visually, wind spinners can invite more mindfulness and calm. Watching the mesmerizing spinning can help you arrive at the here and now. In this way you not only create a decoratively inviting atmosphere, but also a lingering point in your garden that conveys peace.