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Wind Spinners & Windmills

Wind Spinners & Windmills

Wind spinners can be mills, sculptures, cascades or ornaments. Whirligigs will bring a relaxing atmosphere to any space and are also known for their ability to relax and calm the mind.

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  • What are wind spinners for?

    Wind spinners are the ultimate garden accessory you can enjoy throughout the seasons. They help create a richer texture and add colour and movement to your outdoor space. 
    Standing metal spinners are free standing ornaments that are made to be placed in the ground. These striking pieces of metal art will withstand any weather conditions.
    Hanging wind spinners simply hang in the best spot of your garden and let nature work its kinetic magic. You can hang them on fences, walls, balconies or even purchase a hook to place your spinner.
  • How do garden spinners work?

    Kinetic sculptures such as windmills and wind spinners create gentle displays by moving with the natural breeze and are sure to catch the attention of your guests, especially children! 
    At Primrose you will also find solar wind spinners with lights to illuminate your garden in the evenings with a beautiful ambient glow.
    Wind ornaments flow remarkably smoothly, bringing a sense of satisfaction and enjoyment. With an ingenious ability to catch the wind so graciously and pleasantly, nothing about a kinetic sculpture feels rushed. If placed in an elegant spot, spinners spice up their surroundings.
  • What are the spinners on a windmill called?

    The spinners on a windmill are called whirligigs. Traditional designs that have been around for a long time, whirligigs can be found in a variety of different shapes such as animals, flowers and geometric shapes.
  • Do wind spinners scare birds?

    Yes, the sound and sight of wind spinners can scare birds away from your garden – so bird lovers, beware! If you’d prefer to keep your garden free of feathered friends, it does mean that a well placed windmill could be advantageous.
  • Do wind spinners make noise?

    Our windmills are mostly silent so are not likely to disturb the tranquility of your garden. However, many windmills and wind spinners are designed to generate a soft but soothing sound that adds to the relaxing atmosphere of your garden. 
  • Primrose Wind Sculptures

    Our in-house art team has designed an exclusive Primrose spinner collection for you to enjoy. These striking sculptures are hand-painted so you can be sure of a high quality finish, and are perfect for impressing all visitors to your garden.

    We offer a vast array of standing windmills, hanging wind spinners, metal or wooden windmills and solar powered wind spinners. At Primrose you’ll be sure to find a unique statement that will please you and your guests.