Window Film Fitting Instructions

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Required tools

A cutter, a ruler, a squeegee, a scraper, paper towel, card, stanley knife and a spray bottle containing a solution of 1 litre of water and 50ml of dishwashing detergent.


  • Apply the film to smooth glass.
  • Avoid creasing and folding the film (handle with care)
  • Avoid dusty situations
  • Adhesive films can be applied internally on all types of flat glass. The adhesive side is protected by a layer (liner) which is lifted just before fitting the film.


  1. Clean the glass area with the cleaning spray solution. Use a window scraper to remove any specks of dirt.
    Note: When using the scraper make sure the glass is wet otherwise scratches may occur.
  2. Squeegee the surface dry.
  3. Measure and mark the film with a ruler and pen, make sure its enough to cover the glass area. (Allow an extra 2-3 cm for the length and width).

Handling film

  1. One side of the film is protected by a clear liner - adhesive side.
  2. Once the film is measured and marked up, use a cutter to cut the film accurately your desired size, allow extra 2-3cm for the length and width. (Excess material can be trimmed after installation)

Applying the film

  1. Wet the glass with the solution.
  2. Please note: It is important that all of the glass is covered with water (a fine mist produced by a spray bottle is best) otherwise the adhesive will stick to the dry patches of glass and will not be movable. This means you will end up with unsightly air bubbles or creases and you won't be able to get rid of the liquid trapped underneath. The film should sit on a layer of liquid, which can then be squeezed out sideways, pressing the adhesive onto the glass and ensuring a perfect finish.
  3. Place the film onto the glass area (clear side facing you) Now carefully peel off the liner. Freely spray the solution on the adhesive surface, again making sure it is entirely covered.
  4. Reverse the film onto the glass so that the adhesive side is now in contact with the wet glass. The edge should be against the glass frame.
    Note: Try and avoid the film from curling up on itself whilst applying - you made need an extra pair of hands for large sheets. Keep the film straight and avoid creasing.
  5. Position the film by carefully sliding on the wet surface. Smooth out any air bubbles or creases and ensure the whole glass area is covered by the film.

Using the Squeegee

  1. Wet the face of the filmwith the solution to help the squeegee slide easily. Use a squeegee to squeeze out all of the solution. Note: Ideal to start at the top horizontally from the middle out.
  2. Now use the squeegee downwards down the middle of the film. Then squeegee across to the edges of the film from the centre. Work from the centre out to avoid trapping bubbles, water or creating further creases.

Note: Important to make sure all of the solution is squeezed out from under the film.
If there is a trapped particle behind the film, carefully lift the filmfrom the nearest corner. Wet the adhesive side of the film again and place into position. Wet the face of the film and use the squeegee technique again.


  1. Use a credit card and stanley knife down the edge of the glass frame. To avoid any slip ups, trap the blade of the knife between the card and the frame.
  2. Discard the excess material
  3. Repeat the squeegee technique again, this time with firm pressure. This is to create a strong bond.

Inspect/ final checks

  1. If you spot any water remains, dry with some paper towel.
  2. Inspect the film for any trapped water or air bubbles and squeeze out.
    Note: During the drying time, some haze or mist or vapor will be evident but this will disappear and dry out in a period of 2-4 weeks.


You should look after film in the same manner as glass. Use classic glass cleaning products and draw on the squeegee.

Do not clean dry. Do not use brushes, fabrics or abrasives.