Wisteria brach yokoham fuji Mini Standard 9l Pot

Code: TR87581
Wisteria brach yokoham fuji Mini Standard 9l Pot
Wisteria brach. shiro captain fuji Mini Standard 9l Pot

With its gorgeous purple flowers hang on sprays as long as ten inches the ‘Yokoham’ fuji carries an elegant beauty which could only originate from the orient. The profuse blooms bring not only colour but a rich and strong fragrance filling your garden with all the sweet delights of summer.

The ‘Yokoham’ Wisteria is also fully hardy and can grow in full sun, partial shade and all soils types so will become a glorious eye-catcher wherever you decide to put it! Trained as a mini-standard this wisteria is perfect placed in a pot beside a wall where you get the ornate clear stem of a standard with the climbing nature of wisteria on top left to climb away up a wall or trellis.


Overall height: 75-90cm
Stem height: 40-60cm
Crown diameter: 30-50cm
Pot size: 9l Pot
Position: Place on a sunny windowsill, balcony or patio


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