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The World’s Favourite Flowers and Plants

With so many species of flowers and plants across the globe, not to mention the wide array of scents, colours, and blooms on offer, how can you possibly pick your favourite?

Primrose analysed Google searches for 1,085 plant and flower variations across 54 countries, all 50 US states and 65 UK cities to reveal the most popular around the world.

We then visualised the favourites by plotting each of the most-searched plants and flowers on three maps - one of the world, one of the US and one of the UK.

Check out the complete world map above to see our global research, or read on to learn more about our findings as we reveal our favourite flowers and plants.

Our Favourite Plants and Flowers Around the World 

Rose Takes the Flower Crown for the World’s Most Popular Plant

Our analysis reveals that the rose is the most popular plant across the globe. The woody perennial is the most-searched flower in 29 countries – more than any other plant.

But what makes rose so popular? Roses are as old as civilisation itself – they’re documented as far back as 2,000 BC, with over 150 varieties of roses in the world. Over the years, the fragrant flower has become ingrained in many cultural traditions and celebrations.

It’s likely the rose is so popular because it’s well-known for symbolising love. Nearly every culture associates the flower with passion and love. Of course, the rose has become so synonymous with affection that a massive 83 million are sold on Valentine’s Day across the world.

Our Favourite Plants and Flowers in the UK

What’s our favourite flower to plant in our own gardens? Our research uncovers the most popular is the rose again with 1.6 million Google searches every year.

We found that a huge 83% of the 65 UK cities analysed are searching for the rose more than any other plant or flower. Other favourites include poppies in second place (6%), followed by daffodils (5%).

If you’re looking for a rose for your garden, try floribunda roses – they continuously flower throughout the seasons, so are perfect for adding vivid colour and a beautiful scent to your outdoor space.

The Daffodil Dominates in Wales

As the country’s national flower, unsurprisingly the daffodil takes the top spot with a huge 89,100 annual searches across the country. The beautiful spring plant is the most-searched flower in several Welsh cities, including the capital Cardiff with 3,910 searches per year, plus Swansea (4,420) and Bangor (760).

Despite daffodils being a symbol of Wales, the bright red poppy appears to be Newport’s favourite flower, gaining the most searches annually (630).

The poppy is a favourite elsewhere in the UK too, including Durham (850), the City of London (950) and Ely (1,180).

The USA’s Favourite Plants and Flowers

Washington Is Stuck on Cactus, Making it the Top Plant in the State

Although you might not associate Washington with a desert, Google searches for ‘cactus’ are surprisingly high at 350,200 per year, making the prickly plant the state’s most popular.

But did you know that Washington has its own species of cacti? The Opuntia fragilis is the only cactus native to Washington with stunning showy yellow flowers.

Forget-me-not is Alaska’s Most-Googled Plant

Forget-me-not, otherwise known as scorpion grasses, is Alaska’s state flower, so it’s not so surprising to find it’s the most-Googled plant, with 15,300 searches annually.

Why is the forget-me-not Alaska’s official flower? Well, residents believe the alpine plant represents the state pioneers, as well as the beauty of Alaska with its pretty blue colour.

Europe’s Favourite Flowers, According to Google Searches

The rose is the most popular flower across the world, so it’s not so surprising to discover that the plant is a favourite across Europe too, leading in Spain, France and the UK.

Beyond the rose, Italy’s most favoured plant is the peony with a huge 1,059,100 Google searches every year.  Peonies have been growing in Italian gardens for centuries – you can even find wild peonies growing in the Italian Alps. Peonies also have their very own garden in Italy at the Centro Botanico Moutan. It boasts one of the largest and rarest collections of different species of peonies in the world.

Africa’s Favourite Plant is the Croton 

Croton is the most searched for plant in Algeria, Egypt, Libya and Sudan, making it the top plant across the African continent.

Croton is the name for a flowering plant genus which includes shrubs, herbs, trees and house plants.

The croton variation which is most likely Africa’s favourite is the Croton gratissimus, a tropical African shrub found across the continent. Often, the leaves of this plant are a striking silver colour. Once crushed, they also produce a gorgeous aromatic fragrance.

If you’re considering a croton of your own, the Codiaeum variegatum has stunning, colourful leaves, plus it’s easy to grow and care of. Make sure the plant gets plenty of light and mist the leaves once a week, plus occasional watering.

Find your own favourite plants in our online range, with over 100 new varieties for you to choose from at Primrose. We also have a fantastic selection of planters and garden furniture to complete your outdoor space.

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Primrose analysed Google searches for 1,085 plant and flower variations across 54 countries, all 50 US states and 65 UK cities to reveal the most popular around the world.

Translations have been used throughout the research. Plants or flowers were removed if they have another obvious meaning in a country’s official language. Search data recorded from February 2021 to January 2022. Find our research here.