6ft Cherry Plum Tree | 15L | 4Years Old | Prunus Cerasifera Pissardii

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6ft Cherry Plum Tree | 15L | 4Years Old | Prunus Cerasifera Pissardii
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6ft Cherry Plum Tree | 15L | 4Years Old | Prunus Cerasifera Pissardii

The Prunus Cerasifera Pissardi (Purple Leaved Cherry Plum)

This ornamental cherry plum has become one of the most popular trees on the market over the past few years for its deep burgundy leaves, almost no maintenance needed and no special soil requirements. It is very similar to the popular ‘cerasifera Nigra’ Prunus although its leaves allow a little more light to pass through creating an alluring purple glow in the sun.

The spectacular spring display of this cherry is a gorgeous eruption of pale white, beautifully symmetrical flowers with a deep raspberry center and a ripple of pink across the petals. The flowers pile high onto the stems, almost out of nowhere, and create a stunning combination with the purple leaves and antique bronze of the stems.

cerasifera Pissardi has a rounded form and it will grow to an estimated height and spread of 5 x 4 metres over the course of 15-20 years. This tree is tolerant of most positions and pollution; the purple leaved plum will do well almost anywhere. It really is a masterpiece of an ornamental tree for smaller spaces creating a wonderful foliage foil for other plants and a breathtaking spring display.

Variety Information

Habit Bushy
Flower Colour Pale Pink/White
Flower Type Single
Foliage Colour Purple
Features Spring Blossom, Autumn Colour

Size Information

Supplied As Bare Root
Height on Arrival Height can vary depending on when you purchase your tree, and what rootstock and variety combination you buy.1.5m (5ft)
Age 2 Years with 4 Year Rootstock
Rootstock Rootstocks determine the eventual size of your tree.Colt
Eventual Height & Spread Our cherries are grafted onto dwarfing rootstocks, which reduce vigour, producing trees better suited to the average sized garden. 4m x 4m (13 x 13ft)
Supplied As Height On ArrivalTitle Supplied By Price Link Image
10L Pot 1.5m 10L Pot Primrose-Supplied Tree
Primrose£59.99 View Here
15L 1.8m15L Primrose-Supplied Tree
Primrose £79.99This Product
18L Pot Half-Standard 2.1m18L Pot Half-Standard Primrose-Supplied Tree
£129.99  £124.99
Primrose £129.99  £124.99View Here
Optional Extras
  • One Tree Stake and Tie Kit - 1.2m
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  • 60g Empathy rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi
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  • Tree Planting Kit - Tree Stake, Tie and Empathy Rootgrow
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  • 1L Grow Your Own Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser by Empathy™
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Key is to regularly water newly-planted trees, at least bimonthly for two months. It is also important to ensure you choose a location where your tree has enough space, which you can calculate from a variety's eventual height and spread.

Bare root & containerised trees have different planting requirements. With bare root, it is important to soak your tree's roots in water for up to 2 hours before planting, while with containerised trees it is important to drench your tree's rootball. With bare root it can be useful to prune woody roots back a few inches, while with containerised trees, it is important to free any spiralized roots growing around the rootball's circumference. With bare root trees, dig a hole so as to ensure the graft point is above the soil, while with containerised trees, ensure the pot sits no lower than an inch below ground.

Bare root & containerised trees also share planting requirements. Dig a hole twice the radius of the rootball. Stake your tree no more than 2-3 inches from the stem, pointing away from the prevailing wind. Fill the hole with a mix of compost and garden soil, and add fertiliser and mycorrhizal fungi. Do not compress the soil. Give your tree a good watering. Add mulch on top whether bark and wood chippings, compost, manure, leaf-mould and stones. Make sure mulch doesn't touch the stem. Tie the stake to your tree, leaving space for growth. Place a rabbit guard around your tree.

Apply fertiliser and replace decomposed mulch come spring. Check ties to ensure there is no rubbing. Collect fallen leaves in autumn.

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You can see an example, from our nursery, of the size and quality tree you will receive.

All trees arrive in a specially made, extra thick, cardboard box with a clamp to hold the pot in place at the bottom of the box. This prevents any movement during transit, keeping your plant safe.

Cherry blossom trees are easy to grow. Your tree’s growth and output will likely be fine providing you followed our planting and care instructions. Below we address some common queries:

  • Hardiness: Cherry blossom trees can be found growing in far colder regions than the UK and therefore the UK’s mild winters will not affect your tree.
  • Position: Cherry trees benefit from being planted in full sun. Planting your tree in a sheltered spot will allow the tree to put more resources into flowering.
  • Soil Types: Soil types are best ignored and remain an unwelcome confusion. Every plant will adapt to its conditions. Having said that, less than ideal conditions will reduce growth. Waterlogged soils will starve your tree of oxygen, which plays a key role in photosynthesis, cause its roots to rot and create the perfect environment for many diseases. Similarly, compressed soils can starve a tree of oxygen and water, so do not compress the soil when planting. Aeration can be improved further with mulching.

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