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Zinc Planter Quality Comparison

Give a plant a home today with our stylish, zinc coated steel planters

These excellent planters have been made from steel and coated in a layer of zinc; a tough and durable duo. Steel, though known throughout the centuries for its strength, is also prone to rust, but don't fret! We have coated our planters in a layer of hardy zinc. This helps to protect the steel from that sneaky rust, and means your planter will last far longer as a result.

Our planters have a steel thickness of 0.69mm on planters up to 60cm, and a thickness of 0.80mm on planters exceeding this size. To protect the steel, they have been electroplated in zinc at a thickness of 120g/m2. Often you will find other manufacturers galvanising their planters at a far lower quality of around 40g/m2, which means a thinner coating, and thus far less protection. We want your planter to last as long as possible, and with our thick zinc coating, your planter will do just that.

Caring for your planter

Zinc provides the raincoat that your steel planter needs, helping to protect it from water and subsequent rusting. Our planters are tough and durable, but there are still some ways in which a galvanised planter can be affected. 

1. Scratches and other mechanical damage
Once the planter is safely wrapped in its layer of zinc, it is crucial to be careful not to scratch its surface, as once the steel is exposed, rusting can occur.

2. Impurities in the soil and air
Although zinc will not be degraded by oxygen and pure water, there are many trace chemicals, especially in soil and fertiliser, which will slowly react with the zinc until one day the steel is exposed, and rusting will start to set in.

So, although you can place soil directly into these planters, we advise using a thick, non-biodegradable plastic liner or bag to help protect your planter from these trace chemicals. This simple trick will help to prolong the life of your planter, so that you can enjoy it for longer.


Why a Zink™ Planter?

We at Primrose believe that planters can be of a high quality whilst remaining at an affordable price. We have been selling planters for 10 years now, and in that time we have honed our skills so that we provide planters that look great and keep our customers satisfied. With regular quality checks helping us to ensure that our products stay at the high standard that we strive to meet, we hope that our planters can make you (and your plant) very happy for years to come.