This promises to be a huge year for planters with many new trends emerging including a return to studio pottery designs and even more pots for your house plants. Learn to make the most of your garden/interiors with our planter ideas from using bamboo as screening to improving indoor lighting with copper.


Troughs remain ever popular, perfect for annuals or restricting the growth of bamboo. Try growing climbing plants or even a trained tree up a south-facing wall to add colour to your patio. Planting bamboo is ideal as it can be used to provide privacy at awkward heights, either to delineate your garden or block prying eyes.

rectangular planters


If you want to show off your centrepiece, cubes are the perfect shape as they won’t blow over in the wind. Cubes are primarily bought in pairs and used to line doorways. Olive trees and topiary swirls and obelisks all look great.


Tall planters add elegance and verticality to your garden/conservatory. They are either paired with trailing vines, box topiary or conifers to add even more height.


The market for ceramic has blown up in recent years and new studio pottery designs are making a comeback.



First labelled a trend back in 2017, copper remains popular and is perfect for adding light to your garden and interiors.


Corten allow you to bring industrial chic into the garden and is perfect for areas of the garden where you you want nature to take over.

with Solar Lights

Primrose is proud to present solar lighting planter stakes. These can be used to light up your centrepiece or troughs around the edge of your garden.

with Stands

Perfect for your favourite succulent or vine, planters with stands look great in conservatories with wooden flooring.


Great on side tables, these fantastic faceted shapes were huge in 2018, coinciding with a rise in demand for houseplants.


Novelty planters allow you to impress your friends with your imaginative planting. Want to give the easter island head a new hairstyle? Your choices are limitless.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Our customers ask for bigger and bigger planters every year and we have recently launched our titanic range of 100cm2 cubes. As planters control the size of your tree and stop roots damaging patios/foundations, they are perfect if you want a large tree near your house.

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