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Elevate your garden with an infusion of exotic charm by exploring our range of Bamboo Plants. Renowned for their elegant beauty and serene ambiance, bamboo varieties such as Fargesia and Phyllostachys offer a touch of the oriental to any outdoor space. Whether you seek a lush green backdrop or a statement focal point, bamboo plants provide versatile options for landscaping and design. These resilient plants bring a sense of tranquillity and sophistication to gardens of all sizes.

Bamboo plants are becoming a popular tropical style plant in the UK and it’s easy to see why. An incredibly scenic bush that can add height, you can choose between clumping and running types depending on what vision you have for your outdoor space. We stock both Fargesia, the smaller clump forming bamboo, and Phyllostachys, the larger and faster growing spreading bamboo, sourced from specialist growers.

Have you had a look at our bamboo screening, too? Add an oriental touch to your garden with our fantastic selection of bamboo, or browse other ornamental species. We offer a range of colours including red, yellow, black, green, and variegated foliage.

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Advice on Bamboo

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Your Bamboo Questions Answered

Bamboo leaves with water beading on them

How do I Grow Bamboo?

With their tall jointed stems (known as culms), and abundant leaves, bamboo plants will effortlessly bring an exotic edge to your garden! Giving them the right care is key to a happy bamboo, so why not read our handy blog on planting and maintaining bamboo?

A crisp white room with houseplants dotted around, bamboo being in a pot closest to the camera

Beginner's Guide to Planting Bamboo in Pots

If you have limited outdoor space, growing your bamboo in a pot can be a wonderful choice. In this guide to planting bamboo in pots, we cover how to grow bamboo in a pot, and share our favourite varieties for doing so.

Bamboo Plants FAQs

Can I grow bamboo in a pot / container?

Can you recommend screening plants?

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