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Primrose provides fast delivery and offers a wide collection of fencing products. When sourcing materials, we use only the best, locally sourced hazel and willow to ensure strength and durability. With over 15 years of experience in the business, you can be sure to rely on us for all your fencing needs, backed up by our 1 year fencing guarantee.

Hurdle-making is a craft which requires precise skills, using methods which haven't changed in hundreds of years. Our willow and hazel hurdle fence panels are made from high quality, ethically sourced materials that are handwoven, giving them a unique natural style to enhance any garden.

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How to install hurdle fencing

Join us at The Paddocks Pod in the Lake District to find out how simple and easy it is to install natural wood hurdles in your garden. Bring the countryside to your outdoor space.


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How to incorporate your fence into your garden design

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Natural fencing ideas for your garden

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Robust, beautiful and eco-friendly, hazel and willow hurdles are ideal for the traditional English country garden and allow gardeners to create a unique, natural look for modern urban spaces. Here you'll find a selection of garden fencing styles to choose from including framed hurdles, bunch willow, split hazel and all the posts and fixings you could need to fit your hurdles firmly in place.

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