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Transform your garden into an enchanting oasis with our exquisite selection of water features at Primrose.

As one of the UK's leading retailers of water features, we offer a unique variety of designs and exclusive and rare finds that are exclusive to Primrose. Explore our collection to discover the perfect water feature that will elevate and harmonise with your garden's beauty.

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The UK's 15 best water features for your garden
The UK's 15 best water features for your garden

There are a lot of water features out there, splashing away in gardens up and down the country. But how can you know which ones are the best?

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How do water features work?
How do water features work?

Water Features are a great and easy way to refresh your garden and add life to it! But what types are available, and how do Water Features work?

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An essential guide to water features

From the benefits of water features through the types, styles and maintenance. Learn all there is to know about Water Features with this handy guide from Mark Lane!


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Primrose Water Features

Primrose offers a with a vast array of classical tiered stone fountains, elegant cascading figurines, contemporary stainless steel walls, natural stone monoliths, rusting corten features and charming self-contained woodland scenes of babbling brooks and tumbling streams. Your pump can be mains-powered, or you can choose an easily-installed and put-it-anywhere solar water feature or birdbath fountain. Whatever your budget, you'll find the water feature for you at Primrose.

Discover fascinating water feature styles in our collection, including ponds, streams and waterfalls and invite a relaxing atmosphere to any space. We also have bird baths, spheres and tabletop water features if you're after something smaller.

Aside from the atmosphere, water features are also known for their ability to increase air quality and humidity and decrease noise pollution by drowning unwelcome noise with the calming sound of running water - a perfect addition to any garden.

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