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Corten Steel Water Features

We offer a range of distinctive and stylish corten steel water features. Steel with an orange, rusty-yet-protective patina, corten steel has been growing in popularity for years and is a great addition to any garden and pond.

Shop our collection of corten steel water features; including fountains, cascades, bird baths, planters and more.

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Advice on Corten Steel Water Features

How to Keep a Water Feature Clean?

How to Keep a Water Feature Clean?

It's important to keep your water feature clean for a number of reasons, including for the health of your local wildlife. Follow our 8 simple steps for how to keep a water feature clean.

 How to Stop Insects in Water Features?

How to Stop Insects in Water Features?

Like most things in the garden, insects may become interested in your outdoor water feature. If insects aren't naturally being kept low in numbers by other garden wildlife, there are steps you can follow to stop insects in water features

Corten Steel Water Features FAQs

Does corten steel rust?

How long will corten steel last?

How do you maintain Corten steel?

What is Corten Steel made of?

How do I install my water feature?

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