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Hybrid Tea Roses

A cross of a hybrid perpetual and tea rose, the hybrid tea rose constitutes a huge advance over its progenitors with large, high-centred buds off long straight upright stems. With traits of both parents, it exhibits a good hardiness profile and propensity for repeat-flowering.

Suitable as part of a bed and great for flower arranging, hybrid teas are the creme-de-la-creme of roses only matched in popularity by the floribunda.

Its flowers are superb with long pointed buds that open to velvety petals beautifully arranged with a high central cone. Available in a huge range of colours, hybrid teas can be very fragrant, or not at all, depending on the cultivar.

Its drawbacks include an upright form and poor results in lieu of bad weather or poor soil conditions. Hence we recommend you nurse your hybrid tea to greatness!

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