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Trough Water Features

'Wide and deep' defines a trough water feature, usually with a front-facing reservoir for the cascade or fountain to splash or trickle into.

Several have planter spaces too to add some grasses or seasonal flowers, while all of them make a great atmospheric addition to your garden or patio décor.

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Advice on Trough Water Features

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Water Feature?

How Much Does it Cost to Run a Water Feature?

There are numerous ways to save money on water features. Learn about water feature electricity usage and how to reduce the costs of running a water feature in our guide.

How do Water Features Work?

THow do Water Features Work?

Water features can be powered in one of two ways. Either by mains electricity or by solar power from the sun's rays. Learn all there is to know about how water features work in our detailed guide.

Trough Water Features FAQs

What plants can I plant in my water feature?

Where can I find an installation guide?

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