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Sail shades are fabric structures designed to keep you dry in the rain and cool in the bright sunshine. They're hung from anchor points on walls, poles, fences or trees to create an area of shade so you can enjoy your garden whatever the weather. Available in hundreds of shapes, styles, sizes and colours, they can be mounted in almost any position to provide soothing shade even in difficult-to-reach areas.

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Kookaburra shade sails are exclusive to Primrose, and come with a variety of benefits over other similar products. They are made from a tighter-weave material that ensures the sail shade protects you from the elements all year round, whether rain or shine.

They're also rot-proof, easy to clean and maintain, and durable. All our sail shades come with a warranty as standard.

Why choose Kookaburra Sail Shades?

  • Keep dry, cool and comfortable all year round
  • Over 400,000 sail shades sold
  • Crowned IndyBest Buy in The Independent
  • Established for 16 years


Premium Kookaburra Sail Shades as featured on ITV Love Your Garden

Featured on ITV’s Love Your Garden and named the ‘Best Sail Shade’ by The Independent, watch our video to find out what makes Kookaburra sail shades better than the rest.


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Top 5 Best Sail Shades
Top 5 Best Sail Shades

With over 500 to choose from, we've got a sail shade fit for every garden. Find out our top 5 best sail shades in our useful guide.

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How to install a Sail Shade
How to install a Sail Shade

Sail shade installation doesn't need to be complex! To get the best set up, follow our practical guide on how to install a sail shade.

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Primrose sail shades

Not sure which sail shade is right for you? Check out our comparison page to find your perfect sail shade between breathable and waterproof styles, then read our installation guide to fit it in a flash!

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