Awnings are split into four main categories at Primrose, in ascending order of quality (and price): Budget, Standard, Half Cassette, and Full Cassette. These are then subdivided into Manual and Electric (where appropriate), to end up with a huge range. The costs vary, so we’re going to try and summarise them into price bands to give you a feel for them.

The short version: a Budget Manual Awning is the cheapest, and an Electric Full Cassette Awning is the most expensive. White cassettes are cheaper than charcoal, and yellow is the cheapest awning colour.

All prices correct at time of writing

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Budget Awnings: £129.99 – £599.99

Budget awnings are the most basic, very similar to standard awnings but with a slightly lower strength spec (so it’s important to keep it clear of debris) and more exposed cassette.

The cassette is where the awning is held when not in use, so budget awnings are more exposed to the weather. There is an Electric version, but that’s at the upper end of the price band. Most are around £250.

Standard Awnings: £199.99 – £639.99

Standard Awnings might only be available in Manual options, but they’re our most popular awnings thanks to their wide range of colours and sizes. The white frame standard awning has the most colour and size options, but that cool charcoal (8 options) has a timeless quality to it. Hard to pick an average, but likely around £400.

Half Cassette Awnings: £179.99 – £1,169.99

The range of prices on Half Cassette Awnings is pretty big, thanks to both Manual and Electric options in white and charcoal available – with a range of premium options within Electric too. These also include greater protections for the rolled-up awning material, thanks to the half cassette covering.

Full Cassette Awnings: £499.99 – £1769.99

The biggest (in terms of cassette – most of them can go up to 5m wide) and best of the Primrose Awnings. Full Cassettes completely cover the canopy when rolled up to maximise your awning’s lifespan, and they’re suitably subtle when rolled up too.