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Fox Repellents

Updated with technology exclusive to Primrose, our garden fox deterrents are the most advanced on the market. With a built in motion sensor, the device will only emit ultrasound in the presence of a fox, ensuring the animal does not become accustomed to the repeller. With HyperResonance Frequency™ and BehaviourSpecific Timing™, the ultrasound is emitted at irregular time intervals at varying frequencies, ensuring maximum distress. Once you've sorted your fox problem, you can then look at inviting more friendly wildlife into your garden.

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Advice on Fox Repellents

How to Fox Proof Your Rabbit Run

How to Fox Proof Your Rabbit Run

Unfortunately, for many small pet owners, foxes are a worry when it comes to caring for your pets in outdoor hutches or cages. Find out how to fox proof your rabbit run in our useful guide.

How to Get Rid of Foxes

How to Get Rid of Foxes

The population of foxes is rising with many now present in urban areas, feeding off our endless supply of rubbish. Learn how to get rid of foxes in our guide.

Fox Repellent FAQs

Why do I need to deter foxes from my garden?

What are fox deterrents?

What's the best fox deterrent solution?

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