By definition, a flower border is any planted area that is longer than it is wide. If it’s wider, then this would be classed as a flower bed. Adding flower borders and beds to your outdoor space can transform your garden into a stunning oasis. When planning your borders, you should strategically select the right plants for your space and your existing planting scheme. If you’re struggling to choose, we’ve selected a list of the top 10 best perennials for borders.

delphinium perennial flower border


A popular climbing plant, the Clematis is a beautiful perennial to add into your border for its beauty and gracefulness. Boasting various shades and varieties, Clematis will grow over time to elegantly wrap and wind itself around a wall or archway, resulting in a stunning effect. From those needing little pruning to late bloomers and those flowering throughout the year, there’s a clematis for every garden!


Heuchera plants (also known as coral bells) offer orange, purple and pink tones to your garden. These evergreen perennials offer great ground coverage that fills gaps between taller plants. Adding Heuchera into your borders is a great way to add vibrancy and interest to your border.



Astilbes are perennials that return each year with delicate, feathery flowers. Also known as false goat’s beard, Astilbes grow best in part shade with no need for deadheading. Generally, they’re easy to grow and maintain if the growing conditions are right.


Thanks to its striking orange, yellow and red hues, Crocosmia is a fiery addition to any flower border. A small genus of flowering plants in the Iris family, Crocosmia offers clusters of exoctic looking flowers on tall, slim stems.


Well known for their vibrant colour, Delphiniums are a perennial that certainly make an impact. Often found in rich blue and purple shades, Delphiniums make a wonderful cut flower in early Summer. In appearance, they grow in tall flower spikes with clusters of single or double headed flowers.



Also known as ‘Sea Holly’, these thistle-like flowers add a different texture to your garden planting scheme. Often found in silvery lilac tones, pollinators will adore Eryngium when they’re in flower. Come winter, the dried flower heads will add interest and pretty silhouettes to your mixed borders.


Delicate and graceful, Geraniums are an excellent choice for underplanting larger plants or planting at the front of a border. Most varieties will flower during the warmer summer months, while the variety  ‘Rozanne’ can have a longer flowering period and flower for many months. It’s best to plant Geraniums in a sunny spot, however some varieties will still thrive in shaded areas.


A winter flowering plant that will delight your mixed border with seasonal colour during the colder months, Helleborus (also known as Christmas Rose) offers up evergreen foliage and beautiful flowers. Helleborus typically come in shades of red, purple, or white and are particularly liked by early emerging pollinators at the start of the year.



With bold leaves, Hostas are best known for their beautiful foliage. Mostly found with green leaves, you can also find variegated Hostas which show elegant white and yellow leaf markings. Hostas perform best in full or partial shade with moist soil. If you’re lucky, you may even be presented with a flower in the summer months from your plant.


Cherished for their early blooms, Primroses (also known as Primulas) typically start flowering in early winter. Primula plants are moisture loving so are happiest planted in damp soil. With a huge range of colourful varieties to choose from, planting Primulas in and around your flower border will not disappoint.