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Climbing Plants

Climbing Plants

Browse our handpicked selection of sweetly-scented fast-growing climbing plants, perfect for covering up ugly buildings and attracting pollinators to your garden.

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Our Favourite Fast-Growing Climbing Plants

Wishing to quickly conceal an unsightly wall or fence in your garden? Then the addition of a fast-growing climber might be the perfect solution!

Pot-Perfect Climbing Plants

We also have many wonderful climbers that are excellent for growing in a pot - these include varieties of Clematis and Jasmine. Why not have a read?

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  1. 1.8-2m Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific | 5l Pot
    1.8-2m Wisteria sinensis 'Prolific | 5l Pot
    Special Price £69.99 Original £74.99 You save 7%
  2. Golden Showers | Climbing Rose
    Golden Showers | Climbing Rose
    From £26.99
  3. Compassion| Climbing Rose
    Compassion| Climbing Rose
    From £26.99
  4. Bridge Of Sighs | Climbing Rose
    Bridge Of Sighs | Climbing Rose
    From £24.99
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Items 1-24 of 259

  • Discover our climbing plants range online

    Add texture and colour to bare walls, fences, and eyesores using climbing plants and evergreen climbers. Transform boring areas into vertical vistas and wildlife havens by clothing trellises in pops of colour, adding brightness to the smallest of gardens without compromising space.

    For gorgeous fragrances and blooming shapes, take a look at our climbing roses. Climbing plants can even provide privacy and screening to parts of your garden visible to neighbours.

    Flowering vines bring your garden to life with dimensions using floral displays. Climbing plants and wall shrubs are a natural and seemingly effortless feature in your outside area.

    Clematis boasts fabulous different colours to choose from whereas the passionflower has an exotic yet enchanting visual impact. We have plenty of options for you to choose from depending on your style.

  • What are the fastest-growing climbing plants?

    There are a large variety of climbers to choose from, like "true climbers" that have a natural ability to climb, and shrubs that can be trained to do so. There are also annuals and perennials – annual plants bloom and die in one year, whereas perennials grow for many years. Whichever category your desired plants fall into will affect this.

    The fastest-growing climbing plants are:

  • What climbing plants are easy to grow?

    Different climbing plants have different needs and how much maintenance you'll need to put into them. Ivy and the Virginia creeper are relatively low maintenance in the first few years with small amounts of watering required. Once your wall or fence is covered, you'll probably have to prune once a year to keep them looking great and to stop them from growing out of control.

    Climbing roses, clematis, honeysuckle, and wisteria tend to need regular pruning to keep in shape and need a fair amount of watering too.

  • Are climbing plants bad for your house?

    Most vines are safe to grow on the side of structures, however, some can damage buildings if there are existing cracks, gaps, and weak spots. When the plant gets inside, it can force the building material further apart and can be difficult to remove. Ensuring that the side of your house is in good condition and likely to fall victim to growing roots, it should be fine to grow climbers.

    You can also avoid this from happening by growing vines on trellises and lattices several inches away from the side of your home. Frequently trim these vines to train them away from your house and any gutters you may have.

    If you're concerned about damaging your home, avoid plants that have 'suckers' as these little branches burrow. An example of this is ivy.

    Find even more ornamental plants at affordable prices online at Primrose.