Sail shades are most commonly known for sun protection and adding shelter to an outside space during hotter months but can you leave a sail shade up all year?

ivory garden sail shade by kookaburra

Our premium waterproof sail shades by Kookaburra have been specially designed to offer you rain and sun protection all year round. These sails can be left up for the majority of the year, although we do recommend removing them during heavy storms to protect your shade sail from damage. 

To leave your sail shade up all year round, you’ll need to ensure that you maintain it well by cleaning it regularly. Cleaning your sail doesn’t need to be a chore, we recommend cleaning your sail shade every 2-3 months. For our simple step by step cleaning method, read our ‘How to Clean a Sail Shade’ guide. It’s also best to remove debris, fallen leaves or twigs from the top of your sail shade weekly using a garden broom to keep it looking tip top.

How do you store a sail shade?

Should you decide to take your sail shade down during extreme weather or pack it away during the winter, it’s important to store it correctly. Most importantly, you should ensure your sail shade is completely dry before you put it into storage. If you store a damp sail, there’ll be more chance of mould or a damp smell occurring. Once you’ve removed your sail shade and ensured it’s fully dry, roll or gently fold your sail shade, then wrap it in a protective bag or cover. Store your sail shade in a dry area such as a garage, away from weather and pests.