Water features can be the focal piece to your garden pond or pool. Known to have heaps of benefits, such as stress- and anxiety-reducing properties. They also add a touch of beauty and mystique to your garden and come in a great variety of shapes, sizes and materials. 

If you’ve thought about getting a water feature you’ve probably considered solar powered water features. But are they worth getting? Like with everything else, there’s pros and cons to owning a solar water feature

Let’s dive in and go over what you can expect from a solar-powered water feature, and why you should have one. 

Solar Two Tone Pouring Bowls Tiered Cascading Water Wall Water Feature
Easy to install

Solar water features have one key advantage: cable-free. We all hate ugly cables running across the garden, spoiling the decor. But there’s no need for an electrical socket connection – solar water features are completely free-standing. These will make for a pleasant sight, having only a concealed solar panel to generate electricity.

In addition, they’re safer than electric units and don’t require any technical knowledge to set up. They’re super easy to maintain as the only thing that’s required is regular cleaning of the pump and the feature. How easy it is to clean largely depends on the shape and material of the unit.  

To find out more on cleaning water features, read our guide on 8 simple steps to keep your water feature clean.

It doesn’t cost a penny to run

Running an electric water feature can be costly as it operates at all times. Even more so in this crucial time of electricity bills rising uncontrollably. Along with its easy installation, they have the added benefit of being cost-free to operate. 

Not only are you helping the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, you are saving money by opting to run a solar powered water feature. Good quality units provide long durability and low maintenance. There’s no requirement for electrical maintenance either, making them incredibly cost effective. 

It’s worth noting that not all units come with a spare battery pack. If you’re looking for a long term solution to your pool or pond, keep this in mind. 

How long do solar water features last?

The lifespan of solar water features depends on many factors. Solar pumps can last between 2-4 years depending on many factors. How much sunlight it’s exposed to, what material it’s made of and where it’s located in your garden. These are the biggest elements that determine its longevity. 

The amount of care it receives is also one of the factors that contributes to its longevity. When deciding on what to buy you need to consider a few things. Where you will place it in your garden, what its material is, solar panel size, and whether it comes with a back up battery

These are all important elements to consider when choosing to buy a solar powered water feature. Some have longer lifespans than others and this is also dependent on its location and its surroundings. 

And don’t worry, quality solar panels will still generate electricity even in cloudy conditions! Despite not being as effective as direct access to sunlight, it should generate enough power to run for practical applications. 

The bottom line is that solar powered water features will work anywhere so long as they have some exposure to direct sunlight. 

Light up solar powered water feature

Do solar water features work in winter?

Solar fountains can still run during winter but less effectively due to lack of sunlight. What tends to happen is that the unit or pump will not operate until it has generated enough voltage to run for a short period of time. 

Most people tend to store their solar water feature in a shed or garage during winter to prevent any damage, increasing its lifespan.

Which is the best solar water feature?

This depends largely on your taste and needs. Are you looking for a cost effective water vessel for wildlife? Solar bird baths are a perfect solution. Do you want an attractive focal piece for your pool that requires little maintenance? Cascades have you covered. Perhaps you just need a functional pump that is virtually free to operate? Solar water pumps will fill your needs. 

If you’re looking for a less intrusive feature, consider a floating water feature. Great for those wanting something a bit more concealed. The Floating Lilly Pad Solar Water Fountain blends in with its surroundings perfectly. There’s no unsightly cables snaking across the pond and garden. 

Overall, there’s a wide variety of solar water features ranging from stainless steel to ceramic and polyresin. There’s bound to be something that is best for you based on your preferences. For a full guide, check out our list of the 15 Best Solar Water Features For Your Garden.