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In season Garden PondsIn season Garden Ponds

Garden Ponds

Pools of water housing plants, fish and/or a fountain, ponds are eternally popular in the nation's gardens. Pick up a preformed pond to get going even faster, or pick up a pond liner and pond supplies to create a new pond all your own. Or simply accessorise an existing one.

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Looking after Ponds

A kingfisher sitting on a rock, a handful of green plants in the foregroundA kingfisher sitting on a rock, a handful of green plants in the foreground

Pond Cleaning 

Keeping your pond clean is vital to keeping your plants and animals (if you've got them) happy. It keeps bad smells at bay, prevents unwanted growth of algae and other pond suffocators, and is generally just a good thing to do.

You don't need to go all out on vacuums and chemicals if you don't want to, but there are some simple steps you can follow to keep your pond looking spick and span.

A rock cascading water featureA rock cascading water feature

Protecting your Pond 

It's not just the ice and frost you'll want to keep away from your pond - herons can be a nuisance if you've a fish-filled pond packed with scaly friends. Or a family of frogs has moved in and you'd like to keep them safe.

 Check out our guide on how to heron-proof a pond, annd keep those annoying yet majestic beasts away from your pond inhabitants.

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  • What types of ponds are there?

    Container Ponds

    Container ponds are small and typically made out of repurposed materials such as planters or bowls. They are perfect for small gardens and just about anywhere with some access to sunlight. These are also great for beginners as maintenance is minimal and are able to host a good variety of plants

    Natural Ponds

    Natural ponds are perfect sanctuaries for wildlife as they typically host plants and fish. These benefit highly from waterfalls and pumps to aerate the water and maintain a healthy ecosystem. 

    Fountain Ponds

    Typically, fountain ponds don’t require many plants to keep them clean and healthy. These are used to display exquisite water features to provide a calm, zen-like ambience for your back garden. These ponds do best with pumps to aerate the water and keep it clean.

  • How do I make a simple pond? 

    Firstly, choose a suitable spot for your pond. It doesn’t need to be big as even a small pond can become a sanctuary to wildlife. Ideally, choose a shady spot with access to sunlight. You can also choose whether you want a hole in the ground for your pond or a bowl, or a planter, for instance. Make sure the container used for your pond is watertight. If not, you can use some pond liner

    If you are digging a hole in the ground, we suggest the following:measure the length of your desired pond and multiply it by how deep it’s going to be – then repeat for width.

    Once your pond is in place, fill it with gravel and rocks to use as a foundation for plants and pond life. Avoid using tap water to fill up your pond due to its chemicals, such as chlorine. 

    You can also bring your pond to life with our complete range of pond accessories, including fountain pumps and pond care products available at affordable prices.
  • Is my pond better off in sun or shade?

    The optimal location for your pond is one with access to morning sun and afternoon shade. You want to make sure it’s not exposed to excessive daylight as it will dry out your plants. At the same time, ideally your pond should have access to some sunlight during the day.