While rather endearing looking, moles can be a nuisance in the garden since they can cause so much damage to your lawns. Often considered pests by gardeners, moles live underground and can tunnel their way through up to 20m undergrowth a day. You can identify moles by their notorious molehills, which are characteristic mounds of earth pushed up onto the surface. 

You’ll most likely encounter molehills in woods, fields, grasslands, and parks, as well as lawned gardens. In addition to molehills, moles will dig out “chambers” which they’ll line with grass for resting and also use to raise their young in the early stages. 

how to deter moles from the garden

How to Deter Moles From the Garden?

There’s a number of humane methods that can be used to deter moles in the garden and prevent a mole invasion in your outdoor space. From natural methods to technological solutions, there’s an option to suit everybody. 

Natural Mole Deterrents

If you’re looking for an all-natural solution to deterring moles, simply plant Sork Natural Anti Mole Deterrent Bulbs in the ground. Moles detest the smell of the bulbs which is a smell undetectable to humans. With one bag each supplying 10 bulbs, you can dot them around your garden to stop moles from entering.

mole in mole hill

Ultrasonic Mole Repellers

Our ultrasonic repellents emit ultrasound which is inaudible to humans but uncomfortable for moles to hear. The deterrents work by sending out low frequency vibrations which are inaudible to humans. These vibrations emulate the sound of predators burrowing in search of the moles, or of other moles invading their territory. When the device is working, you’ll hear a beep every 30 seconds or so, this isn’t the sound the moles hear, but it’s there to let you know that it’s working.

At Primrose, we stock both Advanced Solar Mole Repellers and Battery Powered Mole Repellers meaning you have a solution whatever the weather. Check out our All Year Round Mole Deterrent Pack for both options. One thing to remember is the vibrations transmit better through certain types of soil than others, for example, the sound will travel further through chalky soil than sandy soil.