It doesn’t matter if you’re planting summer flowering or spring flowering bulbs, getting the correct planting depth is a crucial part to help you get the best growing results. Using a bulb planter is the easiest way to get the correct planting depth for your bulbs. Find out how to use a bulb planter with our tips below.

short handled bulb planter

Why should you use a bulb planter?

Save yourself from guessing the right depth to plant your bulbs by using a bulb planter. Using the tool will also avoid more unnecessary disruption to the ground than needed and it will help you to get an accurate sized hole. Without the need for getting your hands dirty, it will save you time that can be spent elsewhere on other gardening endeavours.

Types of bulb planter

Short handled

Short handled bulb planters are best if you’re not planning to plant lots of bulbs at a time.

Simply place the tool over the spot where you’d like to dig, push down on the handle until the it sinks into the ground. Twist the bulb planter clockwise and anti-clockwise multiple times before pulling it out of the ground. The tool will be filled with soil so be sure to empty it after use. 

Prices may vary but short handled bulb planters are usually inexpensive to purchase. With them being on the smaller side, you’ll need to be willing and able to bend down or use a garden kneeler pad when using it. 

long handled bulb planter tool

Long handled

If you have back or mobility issues, you may want to consider a long handled bulb planter. With a longer handle, these bulb planters are generally easier to use than short handled planters. However, they both work in the same way.

Tips for using a bulb planter

Whilst the planter will save your hands from getting too dirty, we still recommend wearing garden gloves due to the need for hard pressing on the tool that could result in blisters. 

One of the biggest positives to using a bulb planter is that you will save a lot of time on the task. To save even more time, you could partner up with a friend or family member to plant the bulbs as you dig the holes. The task will then be done twice as quickly!

Do consider the size of the bulbs you’re planting before using the tool. Using a tool for very small bulbs may be a bit excessive and the hole may be too big, leading you to more work than you needed. Opt for a trowel or hori hori to plant a small hole instead.