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Hori Hori Trowels

Hori Hori Trowels & Hand Tools

The swiss army knife of garden tools, hori hori trowels can be used for everything from planting bulbs and harvesting root crops to uprooting weeds and measuring depth. 

Hori Hori has its origin in the Japanese art of sword-making "tamahagane" and remains popular to this day. It's name "hori" is an onomatopoeia for the sound of digging, and translates as 'to dig'.

The perfect gift for the gardener, Primrose has a range of trowels with different lengths, grades of steel and handles. 


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Hori Hori Trowels FAQs

  • What is a Hori Hori Trowel?

    A Hori Hori Trowel is a multi-purpose tool that can be used with just one hand. Due to its versatility and ease of use, it's just as effective as a trowel, knife, or saw.
  • What are the uses of a Hori Hori Trowel?

    A Japanese Hori Hori Trowel can be used for cutting, planting, harvesting root crops, weeding and removal.
  • Is a Hori Hori knife better than a standard trowel?

    A standard gardening trowel is basic in comparison to the Hori Hori knife. It's generally designed for digging small holes, breaking up the earth, and missing fertilizer. A Hori Hori garden knife is more efficient and offers greater flexibility.