Get your garden ready for spring by completing these tasks in March. Once the weather warms up, your beds, borders, and containers will be ready for action.

Main Garden Jobs For March

  • Cut back dogwood and willow plants to the ground to encourage new growth for next year’s bright winter stems.
  • Prepare flower beds for sowing hardy annuals from late March to April.
  • Mulchroses, fruit trees andshrubswith compost.
  • Repothouseplantsandfernswith fresh compost and clean their leaves.
  • Protectfruit treeblossoms withfrost protectionat night and remove covers during the day for insects.
  • Washclochesand frames with soapy water to remove dirt and algae.
  • Check and maintaingarden toolsand mowers.
  • Inspectbird boxesandfeedersfor damage before fixing them on a tree or wall, away from cats.
  • Prepareraised bedsfor early seed sowings, and use cloches or polythene tunnels for warmth and protection.
  • Sow crops like beetroot, carrots,parsnip, radishandspring onionsin warm soil by covering the surface with black sheeting to absorb sun rays.

March Flowering Plants 

Pots, Baskets + Containers

Lawn Care In March

  • Prepare new areas for sowinggrass seedby digging out perennial weeds and leveling the surface.
  • Give established lawns their first cut, just trimming the leaf tips.
  • Use lawn sand or moss killer to control moss.
  • Sow self-repairing lawn seed in worn or bald patches.
  • Maintain tidy lawnedges with a sharpedgingtool.

Pond Care In March

  • Putfountainsandfeaturesback in the pond once the risk of frost has passed.
  • Letoxygenating plantscontrol algae levels, or use a natural deterrent likebarley straw.
  • Start regularly feeding pond fish as the weather warms up.
  • Remove pond heaters and clean them for next winter’s use.
  • Clear away winter debris and scoop out leaves with a net orpond filter.