Now that the weather is warming up, you may get the itch to see your loved ones again. Holding outdoor get-togethers is the best way to physically visit with your loved ones safely. While the outdoors may seem limited to warm weather, you’ll find no shortage of ideas as you plan your outstanding get-together for all of your loved ones.

1. Dinner Under the Stars

If you want to have a small, intimate get-together, consider setting up a table and chairs and having dinner under the stars. This get-together might be shorter than the others since night will have already fallen by the time your guests arrive. It makes for the perfect opportunity when you want the main focus of the event to be on conversation.

2. Cocktail Party

A cocktail party, unlike the former idea, will take place in the middle of the day, ideally. The most famous cocktail in the U.K. is the mojito, so make sure to include it in your plans. Consider making a limited menu of drinks or having a bartender on hand who can make any drink your friends desire.

It all comes down to budget and what you feel comfortable paying for. Just remember that your guests will be delighted with both the simplest and the most extravagant drinks.

3. Barbecue

This kind of gathering has the same vibe as dinner under the stars, but you should start barbecuing before the sun goes down. With a barbecue, you invite your loved ones over while you’re making the food so you can all enjoy the great outdoors together.

Make sure to build a menu that’s popular with all of your guests. Then, you all can chat while you work to cook their food. Some of your guests may find it interesting to watch your process up close, too.

4. Outdoor Game Night

If you have friends who have a healthy desire for competition, consider hosting a game night. Set up a table outdoors. With it, you can play the icebreaking game of Poker, where you can adhere to established rules or create your own, or set up a net in the middle for a thrilling game of table tennis. Just about any surroundings can be adapted to make room for a fun and exciting game.

5. Doggy Party

If you have several friends with dogs, consider inviting them to your garden or a public area with their well-behaved pups. Make sure your friends train their dogs with positive reinforcement so you can be sure they’ll behave while out in public.

You should also ensure no one in your group has a particularly reactive pup who isn’t good with other dogs. Once you have your guest list, be sure to plan out some food for the canine attendees, too.

6. Host a Campfire

There are plenty of activities you can do around a campfire. If your group is the kind that likes telling tall tales, consider telling campfire stories as you roast marshmallows to make s’mores – one of the most popular treats in America to this day. You can sing songs or ponder fond memories.

Sitting around a campfire and reminiscing might be the best thing to do when you get together with family members you don’t see very often.

7. Movie Night

You can host a movie night from the comfort of your garden. Consider setting out chairs or plenty of blankets on the ground so your guests can be comfortable. Then, find a small projector and hang up a white cloth – these items will serve as your movie essentials and allow you to broadcast the movie to all your friends.

When choosing a movie, keep in mind everyone’s tastes. If you plan to invite several people who dislike horror, you shouldn’t pick a scary movie. Consider taking a poll beforehand to understand what your guests like. After all, you want to cater to their tastes and impress them with your choices.

Host a Garden Party to Remember

Whether your get-together takes place in the comfort of your own garden or in a public space somewhere, you’ll know that your gathering will be a hit. As long as you meet up with people safely, you shouldn’t worry.

Consider hosting multiple get-togethers as it warms up outside – that way, you can see everyone you haven’t been able to recently, and you can resume your relationship on a face-to-face level.

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