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Fire Pits

Fire Pits

One of the UK's largest online range of fire pits, with over 200 items available ranging up to 1.5m wide. Choose your material from cast iron, steel, clay and ceramic, then refine your search by fuel with gas, solid fuel and portable. We've even got large fire pits for those times when everyday size won't quite cut it. If you’re looking for a highly decorative fire pit, discover our collection of globe fire pits.

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How to use a fire pit?

Firepits are great at taking away the chill of a cold evening but using and maintaining a fire pit can seem daunting at first. We break it down here into a few simple steps. 

What to Burn in a Fire Pit?

There are plenty of options for fuel for fire pits but we'll take you quickly through the pros and cons of each here. And also what definitely not to burn!

Fire Pit FAQs

  • Why choose a fire pit?

    Extend the party long after the sun goes down and create a cosy centerprice to gather around by lighting up a stylish fire pit. There’s something undeniably magnetic about a fire that brings people together to talk long into the night, and whether it's a party with the friends or a dinner with family, having a warm, stylish and entertaining focal point will help keep the conversation flowing.

    Primrose has one of the largest selection of fire pits in the UK with over 200 styles to choose from and a wide variety of options to suit everyone’s needs. Our basic bowl fire pits, our customer’s most popular choice, are a good place to start and come in a variety of sizes from our smallest 56cm bowl for a cosy couple, up to a massive 1.5M bowl that can comfortable seat up to 10 guests.

  • Which fire pits are warmest?

    Many of our customers purchase our fire pits as a way of keeping warm when entertaining outside on cooler evenings. As such, we often get asked which fire pits are warmest.

    While all our fire pits for the garden emit plenty of heat to keep you comfortable, we recommend a low profile, wood burning fire pit if you’re looking for maximum warmth, as wood burns hotter than other materials.

  • What fire pit is right for me?

    There are two ways you can really make your fire pit play a bigger role in your outdoor entertainment area.

    First you can choose to go for a different type of fire pit altogether and create a truly impressive centerpiece. Perhaps you’ll go for a gas fire pit for a more modern sophisticated look - they work great in closer urban areas too if you’re worried about smoking out the neighbours. Or maybe get really bold with a stunning globe fire pit, a great centrepiece for your party as your guests will love to watch the projected silhouettes dance around your garden.

    Your second option is to customise your bowl fire pit! We’ve introduced some great accessories to create your perfect fire pit. We’ve got several options of stands, legs and wood stores to raise the height of your fire pit. Add a grill to turn your fire pit into a barbecue that you can actually socialise around. We’ve got spark guards for the safety conscious, and to top it off transform your fire bowl with this steel table top, complete with handles.

  • Do I need any accessories?

    Once you’ve chosen your fire pit for the garden, customise it with our selection of fire pit accessories. We’ve got stands, legs and wood stores, should you wish to raise the height of your fire pit.

    Save on space and add a grill to your fire pit, creating a barbecue that you can actually socialise around. We’ve got spark guards for maximum safety, and even accessories to help you transform your fire bowl into a table top when not in use.

  • What other options are there?

    If you decide a fire pit is not going to work for you but still want to keep your guests warm in the evening we have a wide selection of other outdoor heating options, with over 150 types of electric and gas patio heaters, as well as some beautifully designed chimineas.
  • What Are The Benefits Of Gas Fire Pits?

    The key benefit of a gas fire pit is the immediate availability of heat – rather than waiting for wood to burn or having to safely extinguish the fire at the end of use, you can simply turn a gas fire pit on and off as required. 

    This is safer, and typically means that your gas fire pit won’t create lots of smoke compared to wood-burning models.

  • Do Gas Fire Pits Give Off Heat?

    Yes, gas fire pits give off plenty of heat and do so immediately once switched on. If you want to create heat in your garden and fast, gas fire pits are one of the best kinds of fire pits you can invest in. 

    Plus when you’re finished, you can turn the fire pit off straight away without having to wait for the fire to extinguish.

  • Is It Expensive To Run A Gas Fire Pit?

    Gas fire pits are more expensive to run than simple wood-burning pits, simply because they require gas to run. However, the heat output does tend to be more efficient than electric heaters so they’re well-worth the investment. 

  • Benefits of a globe fire pit

    The key benefit of any fire pit is the heat it provides your outdoor area, but a globe fire pit offers a decorative benefit beyond this. Not only an outdoor heating solution, globe fire pits are also highly decorative pieces that create stunning effects when lit.
  • How safe are globe fire pits?

    If you have small children, a globe fire pit may not be the best solution for your garden. The decorative nature of globe fire pits means that the flame is open, but also the design may be quite enticing for little hands. Otherwise, globe fire pits are as safe as any other fire pit design.
  • What can you burn in a globe fire pit?

    Globe fire pits burn the same fuel and kindling as other fire pits. Hardwoods are great for generating heat, so oak, ash and beech combinations will work well. We’ve included all kinds of logs and kindling suitable for your globe fire pit in our collection. Discover our full range of fire pits and outdoor heating solutions here at Primrose for more inspiration.
  • What are stone effect fire pits made from?

    One of the most popular materials to build stone effect pire pits from is Magnesia. Magnesia is a special kind of ceramic that is designed to be able to withstand high temperatures. For this reason, it’s often used in thermal engineering, making in an excellent choice for your stone effect fire pit. 

    Cast concrete and fibreglass is another combination popular for making stone effect fire pits. Again, these materials are known for their resistance to high temperatures which makes them a safe option for stone effect fire pits.

  • Can you cook on a stone effect fire pit?

    As with any fire pit, you do have the option of cooking on a stone effect fire pit. Providing you have the right tools, you can use your fire pit as a barbecue. Even without the right tools, fire pits are great for roasting marshmallows with friends and family.
  • What should I burn in a stone effect fire pit?

    It’s safe to burn the usual materials in a non-gas fire pit. One of the best materials to burn is wood, avoiding pressure-treated wood. Gas fire pits should only use gas as its fuel.