Egg Chairs are all the rage and Swing Seats are eternal garden furniture favourites. A little bit of swinging with a book or cocktail in hand…blissful.

But which swing seats are the best? Which egg chairs are a cut above the rest? We’ve done the hard work for you and brought together Primrose’s finest, the UK’s best swing seats and egg chairs for you to browse at your leisure.

The best swing seat list

Luxury Rattan Double Hanging Egg Chair by Primrose Living

a hanging egg chair made from grey rattan, placed in front of a fence on a patio

An egg chair made for two from Primrose Living, with a guaranteed level of quality that goes with it. Cushions you can sink right into complement the grey half-round rattan, along with the rust-resistant powder-coated steel frame

  • Price: £799.99
  • Material: Rattan
  • Features: Thick comfy cushions
  • Seats: Two

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Antoinette Wooden Three Seater Garden Swing – 2.3m

a wooden swing seat on a lawn with bushes behind

Our most popular swing seat by a country mile, the Antoinette is sturdy, great-looking and made by British craftsmen to boot. Rot-proof for 25 years and with chains that won’t rust, this seat will look fabulous for years.

  • Price: £629.99
  • Material: Swedish redwood
  • Features: Rot- and Rust-proof construction
  • Seats: Three

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Antoinette Wooden Two Seater Garden Swing – 1.85m

a wooden swing seat with a cushions and canopy, placed on a weather-beaten lawn

Coming close behind the Antoinette above, this two-seater from Churnet Valley symbolises the best in quality and British design. With included cushion you can sit and swing in comfort, with someone special nice and close by.

  • Price: £559.99
  • Material: Swedish redwood
  • Features: Cushion and canopy
  • Seats: Two

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Luxury Rattan Hanging Egg Chair by Primrose Living

A grey hanging egg chair in front of some artificual screening, a hurdle panel and on an artificial deck

UV- and weather-resistant and as trendy as it gets, this is an egg chair you’ll be proud to have in your garden, conservatory or indoor nook. The base is included so you can put it wherever you like, made from the same quality rattan as the rest of our Luxury Primrose Living range.

  • Price: £599.99
  • Material: Rattan
  • Features: Thick comfy cushions
  • Seats: One

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Dartmouth Wooden Two Seater Swing Arbour by Rowlinson® – 2.3m

A woman sat on a wooden swing seat with trellis sides and an arched roof. She has a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other, which looks pretty swell

Designed with trellises up the side and with a natural timber finish, this swing seat would look great cosied up to some climbing roses. It comes with galvanised base fittings to ensure a good connection to whatever base you choose (sold separately).

  • Price: £699.99
  • Material: Natural timber
  • Features: Trellis sides
  • Seats: Two

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Charles Taylor Dorset Three Seat Swing with Green Roof Cover FSC Redwood

Charles Taylor Dorset Three Seater Swing made from Scandinavian Redwood sitting on a deck

The first of our coloured canopy swing seats, this swing seat contrasts Scandinavian redwood with a classic green canopy. This seat is handcrafted in the heart of England in the Staffordshire Moorlands.

  • Price: £699.99
  • Material: Scandinavian redwood
  • Features: Green canvas canopy
  • Seats: Three

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Charles Taylor Dorset Two Seat Swing with Burgundy Roof Cover and Cushions

Charles Taylor Dorset Two Seater Swing made from Scandinavian Redwood with A Burgundy Roof

A cosier, burgundy version of the seat above, this is a swing seat for couples and solitary swingers alike. Cushions are included to make the seat extra comfortable, so you can spend all afternoon swinging away on FSC-approved redwood.

  • Price: £615.95
  • Material: Scandinavian redwood
  • Features: Burgundy canvas canopy and cushions
  • Seats: Two

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