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Cute….to some.

Despite being loveable pets to many, cats can also be a gardener’s nightmare, ripping up flower beds, defecating on lawns and killing birds and pets. Primrose stocks a range of solutions, but recommends ultrasonic repellers as a lasting solution to your cat problem.

Ultrasonic Repellers

Tried and tested, Primrose sells thousands of repellers each year with our top selling product possessing over a thousand reviews with an average rating of 4.4/5. We are so confident of its effectiveness, we even offer a money-back guarantee.

Ultrasonic Cat Repeller

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How does it work?

Ultrasonic repellers work by emitting ultrasound, inaudible to humans, but painful to cats, causing them to flee the area. Cats are adept predators who use ultrasound to hunt for small mammals, who in turn use these frequencies to communicate.

Our device is fitted with a motion sensor and will only activate in the presence of a warm body, which ensures cats will associate their presence with the noise. Thus, a cat will quickly associate your garden with disconcerting ultrasound.  

How long does it take to take effect?

Like many animals, cats can become accustomed to feeding and fouling in a particular area and it will take time for your repeller to take effect. Most will see results within 7 days, however we recommend you wait 30 days before passing judgement.

How do I install it?

Our repellers are small and unassuming. They can be nailed to a wall, attached to a fence or staked into the ground. They are completely weather resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them getting wet.

We recommend, you place your repeller at eye level with the intruding cat and place it away from areas with regular movement as to save battery life.

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I hope you’re not reading this for pictures of cute cats

Do I need to do anything once it’s installed?

Sometimes canny cats will find a way to navigate you garden as to avoid the repeller. Hence, we recommend you move it every so often.

Do I need to buy two repellers?

It depends on the size of your garden. Our most popular repeller covers an 80 degree arc up to a distance of 7m (23ft). It is worth noting that ultrasound does not travel well through walls, which ensures your device will not affect your neighbours animals, but also means heavily delineated gardens may need multiple repellers.  

How cost effective is it?

Primrose stocks both battery-powered and solar-powered models. Solar powered models will work indefinitely, while a battery-powered model will work up to 3-4 months with one set of batteries.  

Can my pets hear ultrasound?

Dogs can hear ultrasound, although cannot detect frequencies as high as cats. Hence, if you have a dog that likes to roam the garden, we recommend you set your devices output frequency to the highest range of a cat’s hearing.

Why buy from Primrose?

Primrose has over 10 years pest control experience and has a dedicated team working on innovations, ensuring models are updated with the latest technology to ensure ease of use. Our repeller is the best selling product on both Google Shopping and Amazon and has thousands of reviews. We’d recommend you be wary of buying pest control products on Amazon due to the preponderance of fake-reviewed second-rate Chinese imports.

Other Solutions

Jet Spray Repeller

Just like our ultrasonic repellers, our jet spray will only activate in the present of warm body, automatically giving a short spray of water. Famously, cats hate getting wet, so you can enjoy the feeling of schadenfreude once your nuisance cat is sprayed. Perfect for guarding a particular area, such as a pond, the device is also effective against herons.

Fence & Wall Spikes

Unlike other competitor products, our fence & wall spikes are specially designed to deter cats. With end-to-end spikes, there is no space for nimble cats to place their paws. Spikes are the best solution for those wishing to prevent cats entering their garden altogether. They have the additional advantage of deterring burglars.

Cat Silhouettes

Cat silhouettes are great in that they are a fun garden ornament, but are also effective against repelling cats. While we can only guess why cats are perturbed, we believe it’s because they mimic the look of a cat, but are unnaturally still.

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Cat silhouettes…fun, apparently.

Granules, Pellets & Sprays

Unlike other devices, these solutions prey on a cats acute sense of smell, which can detect certain pheromones at less than one part per billion. One such solution, Silent Roar contains lion dung, which even the bravest cat won’t venture near.

Similarly, some plants release pheromones that cats can’t stand. We recommend lavender, an evergreen which remains in flower all year.

Do these solutions work well together in tandem?

Yes, while we are confident the solutions above will work in most situations, there are isolated cases when they don’t. Hence, once you have realised how a cat is circumventing your deterrent, you can update your deterrents as required.

What cat-repelling solution is best for me?

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