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  1. The Late Frost of 2017: What Can We Do?

    2017 has seen unprecedented weather challenges for growers. An extremely dry winter was followed by an unseasonably warm early spring. This encouraged plants to start throwing out shoots very early. We were then hit by very hard, very late frosts. To make it worse, the frosts were quite unexpected, coming during clear nights in late April off the back of...
  2. How to Protect Water Features Against Frost

    Winter can be a hard time for water features, in particular the ones that live outside. Follow this advice to protect your water feature against frost, so you'll keep your fountain at its best for years to come. Never allow ice to form in your water feature. Ice forming can damage the pump and a deep freeze can even cause...
  3. How to Protect Your Plants Against Frost - Primrose Quick Tips

    Winter is coming… and bringing the obligatory cold snaps to test your garden over the chilly season. No one wants the flowers that they tended so well over the summer to be ruined, which is why we've put together a simple guide on how to protect your plants against frost. Give the following tips a go, and be sure to...
  4. Worried about Frost? Here's the Solution!

    You've enjoyed your awnings, garden furniture and water features all summer, but now it's time to protect them from the winter and the frost. We've got the solution for you! Take our Fountain Frost-Free for example: Developed exclusively for Primrose, it is a safe, environmentally friendly way to protect your water feature, birdbath, pond and pump from freezing in temperatures to -6 degrees without compromising the...

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