Indoor plants don’t just have to be leafy green houseplants, there are some flowering plants that you can decorate your window sills and shelves with too! Indoor plants with flowers provide year-round beauty with their colourful blooms and sometimes stunning fragrance.

Whether you have a spare planter on an empty shelf or a windowsill that just needs some oomph, we’ve put together a list of the 10 best indoor flowering plants so you can start your own indoor garden.

flowering house plants

Peace Lily | Spathiphyllum wallisii

These houseplants have beautiful verdant foliage that is littered with long-lasting white flowers that begin to appear in spring. These plants are not picky when it comes to light conditions so can be placed almost anywhere in your home, providing any corner with a splash of green and blooms.

Bromeliad | Aechmea Primera

Originating mostly from the Americas, Bromeliads are a stunning addition to any indoor garden, sporting bright colours – this variety features large leaves with a chalk textured appearance and a beautiful pastel pink bloom. Flourishing in warm conditions, this plant is the perfect companion to any warm spot in your home.

Cyclamen | ‘Indiaka Violet’

Cyclamen are a unique-looking flower with its delicate petals seemingly defying gravity. They often come in shades of pink, red, purple and white and are sure to brighten up any corner in your home. Cyclamen are relatively easy to look after, as long as you keep them cool and their soil moist without overwatering.

Anthurium | Anthurium andraeanum

Impressing horticulturists and gardeners alike, Anthuriums have flower-like leaves and can present themselves in a range of hues (from pinks and reds to whites!). They tend to enjoy warm rooms with high humidity such as in a well-ventilated bathroom, but be careful not to waterlog its roots!

Begonias | Indoor Begonias

Place a begonia somewhere bright and humid in indirect light and your plant will thrive for years to come. Begonias can flower any time of year but are more likely to sprout their stunning blooms during the autumn and winter months. Make sure to reduce watering in the winter so as to not waterlog their roots.

African Violets | Streptocarpus

Also known as the ‘Cape Primrose’, these plants flower from spring to winter most often with soft velvety petals on each bloom. Streptocarpus are easy to grow and seem to repel pests and diseases better than a lot of other plants, just keep them in a warm, bright spot with some humidity and they’ll be thriving.

Jasmine | Jasminum

You can grow jasmine plants indoors as long as you give them some support (for example, using a trellis). These small and delicate blooms are a great addition to any room and also smell incredible, leaving your guests impressed and your home looking sophisticated. Keep your jasmine plants cool and plant in soil that is well-draining.

Lavender | Lavandula

The sweet scent of lavender is a perfect addition to your bedside table, so long as it receives as much light as possible, placed in a pot with some well-drained soil. Lavender grown indoors doesn’t need much maintenance, making it the ideal indoor flowering plant.

Lipstick Plant | Aeschynanthus ‘Mona Lisa’

This Aeschynanthus is known for its tendrils of dark leaves and tubular red blooms which come around from late summer to autumn. This flowering plant looks exquisite placed in a pot on a shelf, adding graceful and cascading movement to your indoor space. Keep its soil moist and place it near a sunny window in a room with plenty of humidity.

Christmas Cactus | Schlumbergera ‘Light Pink’

Christmas cacti are a great way to lift the spirits of your home from November through January, requiring little care and providing your home with unique foliage and bright pops of winter colour. These plants can live for a long time, therefore are a great investment for a brighter home.