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House Plants

house plant sale aloe popular beginners house plant sale aloe popular beginners

House Plants

Welcome the joy of gardening indoors with our wonderful range of house plants. Grown with you in mind, we’ve selected the best indoor plants for enriching your home. Bringing more greenery inside helps purify the air, add a natural flourish to your living space, and introduces that sense of calm too. From tall Monsteras to the iconic Aloe Vera, finding your perfect house plant starts here. 

Are you new to house plants? Find out the best house plants for beginners and follow our easy house plants care guide to get started!

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easy house plants care guideeasy house plants care guide

Easy House Plants Care Guide

Keeping house plants is a rewarding hobby that can bring a host of benefits to you and your home. It may seem like there's lots of things to consider when starting out with indoor plants but following a few simple rules will work wonders. Read our easy house plants care guide.

best house plants for beginnersbest house plants for beginners

Best House Plants For Beginners

With studies proving a link between house plants and wellbeing, there’s never been a better time to start keeping indoor plants. If you're new plants, we've handpicked our best indoor plants for beginners so you can start bringing nature into your home.

House Plant FAQS

  • Which plant is good for the bedroom?

    For bedrooms, you may want to opt for an indoor plant that releases oxygen at night and purifies the air. For example, Aloe Vera is a great succulent for your sleeping time as it is easy to care for and has immense benefits. Peace Lillies also release oxygen at night. 

    For aesthetic reasons, just choose the house plant that matches your taste and bedroom style. Got space for a larger plant on the floor, or want to decorate with adesk plant? It’s up to you! Take a look at more indoor plants such aslounge, dining, and bedroom plants. Just pick the perfectplanter to top your design off.
  • Do plants help with dust?

    Yes! Incredibly, plants can help reduce dust in a room. Dust particles are removed from the air by being wrapped on the leaves. Plants aren't immune though, so make sure you dust them every now and again to keep them in great condition.
  • Can you have plants in a room without windows?

    You should avoid putting plants in rooms without windows as plants get their food and energy from sunlight. However, some plants need less sunlight than others, so you can place some species in darker rooms – just make sure they get some sort of sunlight throughout the day.
  • Why get your indoor plants delivered?

    Tracking down specific varities of house plants in physical garden centres can be tricky. With Primrose, you can easily order your plants online and get them safely delivered to your door within a reasonable timeframe. You can also add indoor plant pots or accessories to your bag and you'll get them all without even leaving the house! 
    All of our house plants are picked and packed especially for you at our nursery. Each order is packaged in a specially designed box with extra care to ensure that your plant is well protected on its journey. Once you've recieved your plant, we recommend you unbox it as soon as possible, give it a drink of water and place it in a position where it has exposure to natural light. If your plant is looking a little sleepy after it's journey, don't worry it's just been sleeping in the dark! It should perk up with sunlight and water.
  • What is the easiest plant to keep?

    There are a number of house plants that are easy to keep so naming only one would be unfair! If you're new to house plants and are looking for an easy plant to look after to get you started, why not try one of these beautiful varieties:

  • Where to buy house plants?

    At Primrose, we sell a huge range of indoor house plants that'll brighten your home, purify your air and be rewarding to look after. From hanging plants to tall and trailing, find just what you're looking for in our collection of over 200 house plants. 

    We pride ourselves on supplying only the best house plants. Upon purchasing, your order is safely picked and packed at our nursery before being shipped on it's way to your front door. This means you can get the house plant collection that you dream of, without even leaving the house!

  • How often to water house plants?

    Depending on the variety of indoor plant you have, you may find that it requires less or more watering than usual. For example, it's well known that Cacti can happily thrive with less water than other plants due to their moisture hoarding properties. However, this is not the case for all plants and generally, watering is where a lot of house plant owners go wrong.

    As a rule of thumb (literally), your potting soil should be kept moist but not wet. To test this, gently press your thumb into the potting soil to check its moisture level. If the soil is too dry, give your plant some water. Due to weather temperatures, you'll find that your house plant will require more water in spring/summer and less watering in autumn/winter. 

    Below are some plant varieties that will need extra special care when it comes to watering:

    • Orchids - water once a week with a little amount of water.
    • Cirtus - water frequently and on a more regular basis than other house plants.
    • Succulents & Cacti - minimal watering required, water when the soil has dried out.