So, what is fencing?  This is a good place to start.  Garden fencing can be used for a number of practical purposes.  It can help to create a boundary between neighbouring land, or divide different sections of your garden.  As well as helping to contain or divide your outside space, many people also use fence panels for the added privacy and security that they offer.  

It’s also useful for adding decoration into your garden, and for sheltering borders and plants from the elements. 

hazel hurdle fencing

Why do you need a garden fence?

For many homeowners, a garden fence provides privacy, security and is ideal for decorative purposes.  With so many types available to choose from, it’s easy to find the right kind for your personal style, budget and space.  So whether you prefer the sturdy build of metal, or the more traditional style of hurdles, you are spoilt for choice.

What is a garden fence made of?

Garden fencing can be purchased in a broad variety of materials, the most popular being metal, PVC, wooden fencing and hurdle fencing.  Each option ranges in price, so there’s a solution for every homeowners budget.

Which type of garden fence is best?

The type of garden fence you choose will determine how robust and long-lasting it is.  

When you consider your options, think about how much privacy you would like it to offer, how exposed your outside space is to the elements, and how important it is to you that it stands the test of time. 

Hurdle fencing offers a cost-effective and attractive alternative to more conventional materials such as wood, metal and PVC.

What is a hurdle fence?

Hurdles are one of the oldest forms of fencing in Britain and were originally used to pen livestock, and separate land as far back as Neolithic times.  It is now one of the most popular types and works well in both traditional and more contemporary garden schemes.

Handmade using traditional woodland craft, natural willow hurdles or hazel hurdles are most commonly woven around upright fence posts, to create beautiful and practical fence panels.

What are the benefits of hurdle fencing?

Hurdle fences are an attractive alternative to other options.  It adds a beautifully decorative boundary that is robust and long-lasting.

Hurdles also work well as a structure to shelter plants from the elements.  Its construction allows wind to filter through the gaps between the hazel or willow hurdles, making it an effective windbreak.  

How long does hurdle fencing last?

Unlike fencing made from flimsy PVC or untreated wood, hurdle fencing can last on average for up to 10-15 years.  It’s worth bearing in mind that any fence panels that are installed in very wet or windy locations may be more likely to weather quickly.  However, with the correct treatment and care, your hurdle fencing could last much longer than many other types.