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Willow Hurdle Fencing

Willow Hurdle Fencing

Our standard willow hurdles are made from individually handwoven wooden rods to create a screen strong enough to stand on its own. The gaps between the rods allow enough air to pass through to save the fence toppling over in high winds. Since the willow is coppiced, the willow wands are flexible for weaving and the process is sustainable. Learn how our handwoven Papillon hurdles are made and how to install hurdle fencing in our step by step guide.

Willow fencing panels are a simple way to disguise unsightly or plain walls and fences. They are a convenient alternative to traditional hurdles, bringing a touch of the countryside to your garden. Browse more of our hurdle fencing options including hazel hurdles, split hazel hurdles, and garden screening. 

For a wealth of information and expertise on everything fencing-related, visit our fencing hub

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garden hurdle fencinggarden hurdle fencing

How Are Papillon Hurdles Made?

The expertise required to construct the high-quality hurdles available from Papillon are passed down through the generations, preserving tradition while allowing room for more modern approaches and innovations. Find out how Papillon hurdles are made in our guide.

installing hazel and willow hurdle fencinginstalling hazel and willow hurdle fencing

Fencing Installation Guide

Looking to give your garden an instant makeover? Our hurdle fence panels can do just that. Learn how to install hurdle fencing with our simple step by step guide.

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Willow Hurdle Fencing FAQs

  • What is a hurdle fence?

    Willow hurdle fencing has been done for centuries and is a brilliant way to achieve a rustic aesthetic in your outside area. Woven into traditional patterns, our eco-friendly collection of hurdles are durable, stylish, and versatile. You can use yours for different purposes in your garden, including creating dividing screens within your garden or getting some privacy from your neighbours. If you're looking for inspiration on how to creatively add privacy to your garden, have a look at our guide 'Natural Fencing Ideas for Your Garden'. 
  • How long does willow hurdle fencing last?

    You can expect your willow fencing panel to last a considerable amount of time if it is secured in a good spot and away from high wind exposure. If looked after properly, you can expect it to last beyond ten years. General maintenance is key to ensuring your hurdles stand the test of time. Depending on how much wind the hurdles are exposed to, it might be worth checking the wire or string that binds the hurdles to the fence posts are properly tightened and adjusted about once per year. 
  • What are the benefits of willow hurdles?

    Aside from their rustic beauty and charm, willow hurdles provide a fantastic option for outdoor privacy and sheltering. Its uses are manifold: from sheltering crops, veg and plants to hiding unsightly objects such as wheelie bins. They can be used creatively to add a traditional cottage aesthetic to any property. For more information on fencing and hurdles, check out our brief guide covering answers to frequently asked questions
  • How do you properly secure willow hurdles?

    To ensure hurdle fencing is secured safely, we recommend installing a wooden fence post at either end of each panel. These should be set in place with post mix. After the panel is inserted between the two posts, we recommend securing the panel to the posts using galvanised wire. Thread the wire through the panel and around the fence posts and use a hammer to gently tack it into place firmly. 

    To make the process easier, we offer hurdle installation kits so you don't have to faff around looking for the ideal fixings. Just ensure you choose the correct size for the height of your fence panels. 

  • How do I install my fence panels?

    Installing hurdle fencing panels can seem like a laborious task. To help you set up your fencing in the best possible manner, we have an instructional video to show you how to go through it step by step. Have a look at our video on How to install Hurdle Fencing for a quick guide on setting up your hurdle fence. For more creative tips and inspiration, we have a handy guide for you. Check out 'How to Incorporate Your Fence into Your Garden Design'.