Papillion’s handwoven, ethically sourced and eco-friendly hurdle fence panels are ideal for creating a country inspired, traditional garden. From framed hurdles to bunch willow and split hazel, discover a selection of fencing and fixings to help you achieve decorative garden privacy. Shop all Hurdle fencing.

Fencing Installation Guide

Installing garden fencing doesn’t need to be feared. Discover our step by step hurdle fencing installation method to help you get the best from your purchase.

How Much Is Fencing?

In our ‘How Much Is Fencing?’ guide, we explain how much you can expect to pay, so you have all the information you need to get started.

What Is Fencing?

Garden fencing can be used for a number of practical purposes from adding decoration to sheltering borders from the elements. Find out all you need to know about fencing in our ‘What is Fencing?’ guide.

How to Windproof Your Garden

Protecting your garden against the wind is essential. Learn how to windproof your garden with fencing and other alternatives in our useful guide.

Natural Fencing Ideas For Your Garden

Life’s too short for boring fences! Discover our natural fencing ideas for your garden to make it stand out from the rest while still performing at its best.

Design Ideas For Your New Fence

Don’t miss fencing off of your garden design wishlist. Check out our design ideas for your new fence to give it the curb appeal you’ve been looking for.

How To Install Hurdle Fencing

Come with us to The Paddock’s Pod in the Lake District to learn how to install hurdle fence panels.
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