There’s nothing worse than having an infestation that you can’t get rid of in your home or garden. No matter what your problem is, we’re here to help you! With over 12 years of innovation in every PestBye product, we’ve got the products and expertise to help deter and prevent unwanted pests in your home and garden. Discover all the help you need in our Pest Control Ideas & Advice hub.
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Cat Repellent That Works

Swap myths for facts with our ‘Cat Repellent That Works’ guide.

How to Rid your Garden of Cats

Find out which repellent is best for your needs with our ‘How to Get Rid of Cats In Your Garden’ guide.

Cat Deterrent Plants

Looking for a natural repellent? Discover the best cat deterrent plants.

How to Keep Mice & Rats Out of the Garden

What is the Best Mouse and Rat Repellent?

There are a variety of rodent repellers on the market but what is the best mouse and rat repellent? Read on to find out more.

How to Get Rid of Mice and Rats In Your Home

From methods of repelling to prevention, discover how to get rid of mice & rats in your home through our useful guide.

What is the Best Mouse Poison UK?

There are three main types of baits: blocks, grains and paste satchels. But what is the best mouse poison? Find out in our guide.

How to Remove Rats in the Loft

Rats in the loft are a worrying sign for any homeowner. Find out how to remove rats from the loft in our guide.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

When is spider season?

During spider season, spiders make their way into our homes but when is spider season?

How to Get Rid of Spiders

With a reported 2% to 15% of people having a fear of spiders, learn how to get rid of spiders with our tips.

How to Catch a Spider

Scared of spiders? Don’t stress, learn how to catch a spider in our guide.

How to Get Rid of Moles in the Garden

How to Get Rid of Moles

Getting rid of moles can be tricky in that they live underground in large tunnel networks. Learn how to get rid of moles in the garden in our useful guide.

How to Deter Moles From the Garden

Prevention is key to stopping a mole infestation. Discover our clever solutions in our ‘How to Deter Moles from the Garden’ guide.

How to Get Rid of Foxes in the Garden

How to Fox Proof Your Rabbit Run

Shock alone is enough to kill your small pets. Protect your beloved bunny from foxes by learning how to fox proof your rabbit run.

How to Get Rid of Foxes in the Garden

The population of foxes is rising with many now present in urban areas. Find out how to get rid of foxes in the garden in our useful guide.

How to Deter Birds

How to Get Rid of Pigeons

From bird spikes to decoys, find our  recommendations of how to get rid of pigeons in our guide.

How to Heron Proof a Pond

Heron proofing a pond is essential for keeping fish safe. Discover how to heron proof a pond in our guide.

6 Ways to Keep Birds Away from Your Garden

We respect that not everyone wants birds in their garden, here’s 6 ways to keep birds away from your garden.

How to Get Rid of Insects

5 Ways to Get Rid of Blackfly

Blackfly attacks the plants in your yard. Find out 5 ways to get rid of blackfly in the garden.

Natural Slug Deterrents

Slugs can invade and destroy your vegetable patch. We recommend trying natural slug deterrents in this guide.

How to Get Rid of Greenfly

Greenfly, also known as aphids, can be a pain once they wrap themselves onto your plants. Learn how to get rid of greenfly in our guide.

General Pest Control Advice

What Are the 3 Methods of Pest Control?

Pests are an inevitable problem that come with a garden and protecting your space from them can be crucial. Find out more in our ‘What Are The 3 Methods of Pest Control?’ guide.

Eco-Friendly Pest Control

There’s no doubt about it: pests can be the bane of a gardener’s life. Read our eco-friendly pest control guide

How to Pest-Proof Your Compost Bin 

Composting is a fantastic way to reduce waste and make your own organic matter that can be used on your garden. Protect your compost at all costs with our ‘How to Pest-Proof Your Compost Bin’ guide.

Greenhouse Pest Control: Top 10 Tips

Greenhouses are wonderful for keen gardeners, but they’re also prone to pests seeking shelter and food. Protect your plants with our ‘Greenhouse Pest Control: Top 10 Tips’ guide..

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