Pergolas are outdoor structures which are roofed and have supporting beams at their corners. The roof may be open or fully closed off, but pergolas are more often found with open, slatted roofs. 

Many users of pergolas allow plants and vines to grow up the side and across the top of the structure. This can be an aesthetically pleasing way to add wind and sun cover to your garden. Climbing plants such as Honeysuckle or Jasmine are a popular choice among garden enthusiasts, as they’re known for their delicate yet beautifully fragrant flowers.

How do Pergolas differ from Arbours?

Pergola on the left, Arbour on the right. The pergola is a tall, open roofed structure, while the arbour is small and enclosed on 3 sidesThis arbour has seats

Arbours are structures which, while typically smaller, are also generally designed to be placed over a pathway or entryway. Arbours typically also often use more modern materials like vinyl, whereas pergolas are more typically wood or metal. 

 How do Pergolas differ from Trellises?

Pergola on the left, trellis on the right. The trellis is flat, while the pergola is three-dimensionalA trellis is essentially flat

Trellises are supports that you can add to your pergola to help guide the growth of climbing plants. The beams and slats on a pergola help encourage plants to grow and wind around the structure, but trellises and latticeworks can use the support of a pergola to reinforce them and provide protection from the elements. 

How do Pergolas differ from Gazebos?

Pergola on the left, gazebo on the right. A gazebo is basically a tentA gazebo is basically a tent

Gazebos mainly differ in the function of the roof. Gazebos offer full coverage from the sun, whereas pergolas can be open-roofed, retractable roofed or have adjustable slats. These are less common and typically come as a premium. 

Despite there being technical differences between pergolas and similar garden structures, the lines are often blurred and many products could technically be in more than one category. It’s worth understanding the differences prior to purchasing and considering which type of structure will best suit your garden needs.

Overall, pergolas offer an easy and flexible solution for adding cover to your garden. Over time, they can be adapted to fit the decor of your garden and can even become a vital part of your outside space by using a trellis to incorporate and encourage plant growth. 

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