Bird baths are great for allowing birds to have a little drink as well as obviously a bath to clean between their feathers so they can keep flitting about your garden. Especially during the hotter, drier summer months, there’s a lack of freely available pools of water for birds and this is especially important given their dry diet. 

Bird baths are perfect for attracting smaller birds to your garden and are a great addition to any garden, especially if you’re a keen bird watcher. Be sure to check out our other wildlife care to create a friendly ecosystem in your garden. 

Make sure to check out our other advice such as the best place to put your bird bath (once you’ve decided on the right type of course!) and also our tips on keeping your water features – such as bird baths – clean.

The best bird bath list

1. 80cm Pizzaro Solar Bird Bath Water Feature with Lights

Our most popular bird bath. Whilst this bird bath may look traditional it has lots of fun features such as lights and solar-powered fountain. Combining old rustic charm with clever modern technology, a fountain adds a bit more pizazz to your bird bath, and the fact it’s solar-powered makes it very economical. We have a wide range of solar powered bird baths so be sure to have a browse. 

  • Price: £194.99
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Features: Maintenance-free and weather-resistant

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2. 79cm Victoriana Cream Solar Caststone™ Bird Bath with Lights

For a more regal concept, look no further than our Victoriana fountain bird bath. Add some ivy and willowy flowered climbing plants for a more romantic look. This particular bird bath is made from cast stone, a strong and durable material. The pillar is also detachable from the bowl, so easy to rearrange and move around. 

  • Price: £169.99
  • Material: Caststone
  • Features: Led lights and changeable fountainhead feature

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3. 51cm Hatfield Cast Stone Bird Bath

This is a simple yet modern designed bird bath without too much fuss or frills but with sleek, elegant lines. This bird bath is hand-finished for a really high quality, smooth and consistent design.

  • Price: £74.99
  • Material: Cast stone
  • Features: Contemporary design and durable cast stone

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4. 82cm Umbrella Solar Bird Bath Fountain

A fun whimsical fountain, the trickling water adds a real tranquillity to your outdoor space. The polyresin is made to look like real weathered stone but is lighter, more durable and long-lasting than traditional stone bird baths.  

  • Price: £144.99
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Features: UV and frost resistant

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5. 71cm Maleda Antique Effect Bird Bath Water Fountain

This antique cast iron effect water feature is perfect for those with a traditional gardenscape. Its intricate design will bring a touch of sophistication to your garden. It’s a mains power fountain, perfect if your garden is shaded or north-facing and doesn’t get much sun. 

  • Price: £139.99
  • Material: Polyresin
  • Features: Fully self-contained and cast iron effect

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6. 38cm Yorkshire Rose Patterned Stone Bird Bath

A traditional and ornate-looking bird bath with nods to ancient Greek and Roman styles with the rose and rope detail. You can emphasise this by adding grape vines, bay trees and herbs to your garden, giving the birds a roman bath!

  • Price: £109.99
  • Material: Stone
  • Features: Multipurpose can be used as a bird feeder too!

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