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Bird Baths

Bird Baths

Bird baths are a great addition to any garden. From solar powered bird bath fountains to simple rustic stone bird baths - they make a fascinating talking point and of course help our feathered friends at all times of year. Supplying water in your garden through a bird bath helps your local garden birds to bathe and stay hydrated during extreme weather conditions.

If you're interested in bringing birds to your garden, don't forget to check out our great range of wildlife care as well as our blog for tips on the best place for your bird bath, how to get the most from birdwatching and our guide to the six best bird baths. For a wealth of inspiration and expertise, have a look at our Bird Baths Ideas & Advice hub. 

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garden birds in bird bathgarden birds in bird bath

Where Is The Best Place to Put a Bird Bath?

When it comes to birds, putting your bird bath in the best place for maximum visits is very important. Find out how to keep your garden birds happy with the best placed bird bath in our useful 'where is the best place to put a bird bath' guide.

best bird bathsbest bird baths

The UK’s 6 Best Bird Baths

Bird baths allow birds to hydrate and keep clean so they can keep flitting about your garden happily. From traditional to solar-powered bird baths, discover 'the UK's 6 best bird baths' in our guide.

Bird Bath FAQs

  • Benefits of bird baths in your garden

    Not only can having a bird bath in your garden make a great focal point and decorative feature, it’s also helping birds. All birds need access to clean water for drinking, bathing and preening. And it’s not just birds either; other wildlife such as squirrels and butterflies may use your bird bath.

  • What is the best type of bird bath?

    As you can see from our extensive range, there are many different types of garden bird baths. The best types of bird bath are elevated to protect against predators, shallow to prevent drowning and with a rough surface to prevent the birds from slipping.

    At Primrose, you’ll find a selection of timeless stone bird baths, as well as modern metal and glazed options. Our solar powered bird baths, complete with mini fountains, add an extra touch of opulence. To find out more, see Best Solar Fountains for Bird Baths.

    To help you in your search for your ideal bird bath see our guide on the best bird baths.

  • How to make your bird bath attractive to birds

    So you’ve browsed our bird baths for sale and found the one that’s right for you. Here’s how to make sure it’s as inviting as possible for birds in your garden:

    • Position the bird bath so you can easily view it while making sure it is in a secure place. It should be inaccessible to predators and away from walls and fences which make it easier for cats and other bird-hunters to approach it.

    • Replace the water regularly. Not only will this ensure the water doesn't run out, but it also reduces the risk of contamination and disease and prevents the build up of algae.

    • Don't let the water freeze in winter. You can use a treatment of Frost-Free to keep the water fluid (it's completely safe for birds).

    • Consider also providing shelter and a supply of food. In addition to your bird bath, this will help attract birds and further support them during the harsh winter months. Our collection of wild bird care has all of the essentials to get you started.

    If you're interested in bringing birds to your garden, don't forget to check out our Primrose blog for tips on how to look after birds in your garden, birdwatching and how best to care for your bird bath.

    You can also discover our complete range of water features online to add some beautiful decor to your garden.

  • Where the best place to put a bird bath?

    The ideal location for a bird bath is somewhere in the shade to keep the water cool. Placing it near a tree is also great as birds can preen on its branches. In terms of elevation, some ground feeder birds like sparrows and robins prefer baths closer to ground level. This is because natural water sources are typically found on the ground surface. However, do be careful as these are prone to predators. Ensure the bird bath's at least 10 feet away from greenery and fences which conceal cats. For a more indepth guide, see Where Is The Best Place to Put a Bird Bath.

  • What type of water is safe for birds? 

    To ensure the water in your bird bath is clean and safe for your feathered friends, regularly change the water and remove debris. If your bird bath is close to vegetation or under trees, it might require daily maintenance. If you're worried about the type of water being used, tap water is generally safe as well as filtered tap water. If there is still doubt, bottled water will do just fine.

  • How to stop bird baths freezing?

    Winter weather can freeze the water in your bird bath. It's very important that you defrost your bird bath as soon as possible so that your garden birds can come back to your water source to drink and bathe. If water does freeze in your bird bath or fountain, it can expand and crack the stonework or resin so it's important to prevent this as much as possible.

    To prevent your bird bath or water fountain from freezing, we recommend using Fountain Frost Free. Fountain Frost Free was developed exclusively for Primrose, and is a safe, environmentally friendly way to protect your water feature, bird bath, pond and pump from freezing whilst ensuring that the safety of your children, pets, birds and wildlife is not compromised.

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